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Latest News

We regret to inform that Intelligent Systems has decided to discontinue FECipher after the release of Booster Series 22 on 1st October 2020. They will continue with events through the rest of this year and will support the game until March 2021.
For more details, click here for the official announcement in Japanese or see the English translated message on the Discord server's #bulletin-board pinned messages.

Fire Emblem Cipher FAQ

Here you can find a English translated FAQ separated by General and Booster Series. Click the icon.

New Releases

~October 1st 2020~

Booster Series 22
This is the final release for Fire Emblem Cipher. See message in 'Latest News' section.

Individual Cards by Symbols

Here are the various Symbols within Cipher. There are currently 8 different Symbols and Symbol-less. Click on one below to be directed to a page listing all the characters who have that Symbol.
If you want to search for a specific character, type that Character's Name in the Search bar to the left.

Shadow Dragon, (New) Mystery of the Emblem, Shadows of Valentia and Tokyo Mirage Sessions (Red)Awakening and Tokyo Mirage Sessions (Blue)Birthright and Revelations (White)Conquest and Revelations (Black)Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (Green)
The Binding Blade,The Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones (Purple)Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776 (Yellow)Three Houses (Brown)Heroes and Warriors (Colorless)

Card Appendix

Here are all the cards currently released (or known) in Fire Emblem Cipher. They are separated into the following three sections: Booster Series, Starter Decks, and Promotional Cards.
Click one of the banners below to be directed to their respective pages to find out more.

Booster SeriesStarter DecksPromotional Cards

Additional Resources

Below are Additional Resources like the Card Art Galleries, a Merchandise Guide on where and how to buy Cipher physically from inside or outside Japan, and detailed information for playing online with the various simulators. The Galleries also hold the every Series card, matching art, card sleeves, and our wiki's previous bannerss.

Card Art GalleryCipher Merchandise GuideAvailable ways to play the game online and translated!

Editor's Resources

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