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Hoshido Hoshido Hoshido

These cards defend their peace-loving country of Hoshido, from Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright & Revelations. The color focuses on having many units deployed and skills that benefit from many deployments. They have a multi fold of archers, fliers, and the unique class of ninjas. Cards from Revelations based sets also have high synergy with Nohr (Black) cards and utilize unique "Unison" skills, as well as the Dragon Vein mechanic. In addition, they have a wide assortment of draw options.

As of Series 10, we've seen the introduction of dual White and Black cards, like Azura and Shigure. With Series 14 came the introduction of the "Dragon Blood" skill for the royal family, an overall boost from the older "Dragon Vein" skill in Series 2 and 3.