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Fire Emblem Cipher is available on multiple platforms to play with your friends online! All of these platforms have English translations embedded into the gameplay.


A card game simulator that has a plugin for Fire Emblem Cipher. Favored among this wiki's associated Discord community. Has freedom when controlling cards.

[LackeyCCG Guide]
[Discord Server]

Tabletop Simulator

Available on Steam, Tabletop Simulator can host a wide amount of games, now including Fire Emblem Cipher! English translations are right on the cards.

[FE0 Tabletop Simulator Discord]

Fire Emblem Cipher Net Battle (CipherVit)

More well known as CipherVit, this is a program specifically made for Fire Emblem Cipher. Streamlined gameplay that moves cards automatically and uses the physical game setup. They have also released an android app to accompany their PC program. It does not have crossplay yet, but that is a planned feature to be added soon. All linked below.

[CipherVit Android]
[CipherVit Discord]

An online platform known for hosting a selection of card games. An adaptation for Fire Emblem Cipher has been made.



A currently-in-development app to play Cipher on your android device! Testers are welcome to try the early releases of the app. You can get the .apk at their discord.

[Ciphroid Discord]