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Colorless Colorless Colorless

The newest division of Cipher to be joining the game will lack an Insignia altogether; to represent the heroes and villains of Fire Emblem Heroes and Fire Emblem Warriors. This unique absence of a Symbol allows them to be deployed without the need of having face-up card with the necessary Symbol in your Bond Area; but on the contrary, they do not provide any Symbol when in the Bond Area. This makes them extremely splashable as you don't need to dedicate a certain chunk of your deck for this category.

The first mention of these cards were the box promos from Series 9, with a full introduction in Series 10. Series 11 brought out colorless versions of Marth, Lyn, Chrom, etc. from Warriors as Colorless cards for the first time. With Series 17, we're given even more Colorless version of characters like Lucina, Roy, and Tiki. A new Starter Deck, The Warriors of Bonds introduced the first ever entirely Colorless usable deck with Lucina as the Main Character.