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Purple cards originate from the continent of Elibe, from Fire Emblem: Binding Blade & Blazing Sword. The colour has unique game play mechanics specific to support emblems. Unique support skills can flip bonds, be on promoted units, and activate other skills. Some cards even have multiple support emblems. They have a balanced number of classes, and a notable triangle attack squad.

With Series 13 gave us the Increase Skill mechanic for characters like Eliwood, Hector, and Matthew from Blazing Sword. These skills affect Support skills and allows one to continuously flip Bond cards to re-activate the Support skill if they so choose to do so.

Series 16 introduced Legendary Item Skill for characters like Roy, Sophia, Lilina, and Deke from Binding Blade. By wielding the 8 legendary weapons along with Durandal, each card gains a unique ability specific to their weapon. Also, these 9 cards are featured in a massive matching artwork. It can be viewed by clicking here Matching art Gallery. As of Series 17, there are still 3 missing cards.

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