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Blue Brand Blue

Blue cards are constructed around the brave Shepards of Ylisse, from Fire Emblem Awakening, a tale of fighting bizarre evils and defying destiny that envelops the continent from Ylisse to Valm alongide futures past.
This colour focuses on Class Change, providing many bonuses for Class Changed units and their skills. They also include with a powerful array of flying and Manakete units to support the necessary setup. Unique to this colour are the units focused on orb manipulation, like Robin and Morgan. This highly increases both the versatility and survival of your Main Character.

Currently, the choice of units have expanded to include the protagonists' glory days after the war and the ranks of Grimleal, with the Fell Dragon Grima standing along side a darker variant of Chrom, the Risen King with their seemingly infinite supply of Risen. While it may seem difficult to use at first, these cards completely rely on the sheer number of single units capable to dominating the field and reducing the amount of viable plays your opponent is capable of doing.

This colour also features characters from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, an spin-off developed by Atlus on the WiiU, which uses mirage Awakening units and the "Carnage Form" mechanic to facilitate effects.