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Yellow Holy War Flag Yellow

Much like the games (namely FE4 which is the only one featured as of right now), the color focuses on potent Cavalry units capable of boosting themselves and their allies in various ways to make up for their lacking support values with the objective of achieving the strenght to overcome their oponent's alongside equaly capable foot units.
Their way to achieve this is via a new unique mechanic in "Bond Skills", skills capable of being used only if the card is placed in bonds, along with skills on the field that ask for certain cards to be face up in bonds.

Yellow card characters belong to the continent of Jugdral (located beyond the ocean from the continent of Archanea as per the words of Shouzou Kaga (Creator of the series)) which is divided in the kingdoms of Grannvale, Agustria, Silesse, Isaach, Verdane, the Republic of Miletos, and the Thracian Peninsula formed by the Thracian kingdom itself on the south and the Manster Disctrict on the north. Each counts with it's own leaders and commoners not to mention inner and external conflicts.
Another region is the Yied Desert, located between Grannvale, Isaach and Silesse, house of many key events in Jugdralian history and refuge for the last remnants of the Loptyrians, which where once the tyranical rulers of the continent many years in the past and now are sworn enemies of the twelve crusaders and their descendants while they strive to be able to live freely once again, and while the people of Jugdral persecute and fear them due to their past crimes it won't stop them from acting in the shadows to achieve their goal.
The cards themselves feature various characters from these nations, friend and foe alike, who where involved in the political turmoil of Judgral through the years 757 to 778 of the Grann calendar that affected and changed the life of two generations in the events of the fourth and fifth Fire Emblem games, 'Genealogy of the Holy War' and 'Thracia 776'.

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