Lombard (Cipher)

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Lombard - Series 19

Lombard: Divine Axe-Inheriting Duke
Class Baron (Advanced) Cost 4(3)
Symbol Holy War Flag None Affinities Male Axe Armored None None
Attack 60 Support 10 Range 1
Quote "One worm or a hundred, it matters not how many of you come before me. So long as Helswath is mine, your fate will be the same. Turn tail at once if you wish to keep your heads!"
Skill 1 Helswath, the Divine Axe ACT Once Per Turn [ Flip 2 Bonds ] Until the end of your opponent's next turn, this unit gains +20 attack, and acquires range 1-2.
Skill 2 Armor Expertise CONT If this unit is being attacked by a non-Tome, this unit gains +20 attack.
Card Code B19-092HN Illustrator Yoneko