Reinhardt (Cipher)

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Reinhardt - Series 15

Reinhardt: The Crusader Thrud Reborn
Class Mage Knight (Advanced) Cost 4(3)
Symbol Holy War Flag None Affinities Male Tome Beast None None
Attack 60 Support 20 Range 1-2
Quote "It matters not who you are. I show no mercy to those who would stand in my path."
Skill 1 Unsilenceable Dire Thunder AUTO [Send 1 card from your hand to the Retreat Area] Each time this unit's attack destroys a non-Main Character enemy, you may pay the cost and if you do: Untap this unit.
Skill 2 Nobleminded Warrior AUTO Each time you untap this unit, until the end of the turn, this unit gains +20 attack.
Skill 3 Veteran General ACT Once Per Turn [ Flip 2 Bonds ] If this unit has 100 or higher attack, draw 2 cards.
Card Code B15-098SR Illustrator Kotaro Yamada
Reinhardt: The Goddess of Thunder's Adjutant
Class Mage (Base) Cost 1
Symbol Holy War Flag None Affinities Male Tome None None None
Attack 30 Support 20 Range 1-2
Quote "Please, leave these insolents to me."
Skill Princess's Guardian ACT [ Tap This Unit, Flip 2 Bonds ] Choose 1 non-Main Character enemy with a Deployment Cost of 1, and destroy then. If you do, draw 1 card.
Support Skill Attack Support Magic Emblem Support Draw 1 card. Choose 1 card from your hand, and send it to the Retreat Area.
Card Code B15-099N Illustrator Kotaro Yamada