Fred (Cipher)

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Fred - Series 15

Fred: Knight of the House of Sterze
Class Paladin (Advanced) Cost 3(2)
Symbol Holy War Flag None Affinities Male Sword Beast None None
Attack 60 Support 20 Range 1
Quote "If I may, milady Olwen, I believe that we both ought to ally with Prince Leif's army. Come - let us seek what you've lost sight of in his cause."
Skill 1 Lightning Sword ACT [ Flip 1 Bond ] Until the end of the turn, this unit acquires Tome and range 1-2.
Skill 2 Faithful Adjutant CONT If this unit is in the same area as an allied "Olwen", this unit and allied "Olwen" gain +20 attack.
Card Code B15-089HN Illustrator Mattsun!