Amid (Cipher)

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Amid - Series 12

Amid: War Mage of Wind and Lightning
Class War Mage (Advanced) Cost 3(2)
Symbol Holy War Flag None Affinities Male None None None None
Attack 50 Support 20 Range 1-2
Quote "I've had nothing but hatred for the House of Friege ever since they took my sister and mother. All I've ever wanted is to crush them all for everything they've done..."
Skill 1 Kin of Lightning CONT If this unit inflicts a Critical Hit, you may send 2 of your Bond cards instead of 1 "Amid" from your hand to your Retreat Area.
Skill 2 Bond Skill Wind-Wielding Talent Bond Skill ACT [Flip this card face-down] Choose 1 Flier ally. Until the end of the turn, that ally gains +20 attack. (Bond Skill may only be used if this card is face-up in the Bond Area.)
Card Code B12-091HN Illustrator Genki Kuno