Tomes (Warriors)

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Basic Weapons

Image Name Rank ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
200px Bronze Tome E 10 11 12 13 14 15
200px Iron Tome D 20 22 24 26 28 30
200px Steel Tome C 40 44 48 52 56 60
200px Silver Tome B 80 88 96 104 122 120
Brave Tome (FEW).png Brave Tome A 160 176 192 208 224 240
200px Hero Tome S 480 528 576 624 672 720


  • Brave Tome is unlocked by beating The Dark Pontifex (Pincer Escape Lv.50)
  • Hero Tome is unlocked with update Ver 1.3.0

Personal Weapons

Image Weapon's User Weapon's Name Might Innate How To Unlock
Brynhildr (FEW).png Leo Brynhildr 30 → 240 → 720 None End of Chapter 10
Moonlight (FEW).png Elise Moonlight 30 → 240 → 720 None End Chapter 9
200px Robin Thoron 80 → 240 → 720 None Emmeryn
(Shadow Rush Lv. 47)
Aura (FEW).png Linde Aura 160 → 240 → 720 None Shadow Dragon DLC Pack
200px Tharja Tharja's Hex 160 → 240 → 720 None Emmeryn
(Escape Lv. 53)


  • All weapons, in this section, are Rank E.
  • Weapon strength increases to 240 once the locked skill "True Power" is unlocked.
  • Weapon strength can be increased further to 720 once the skill "Divine Favor" is unlocked.

Attribute Weapons

Name Rank Might Effects/Notes Unlock
Piercing Tome C 48 Unlocks Plateslayer for Tomes Invisible Ties (Fort Siege Lv.30)
Unsaddler Tome C 32 Unlocks Mountslayer for Tomes Invisible Ties (Targeted Elimination Lv.21)
Wingbane Tome D 16 Unlocks Wingslayer for Tomes The Path Is Yours (Fort Siege Lv. 12)
Condragon Tome C 39 Unlocks Dracoslayer for Tomes The Path Is Yours (Targeted Elimination Lv. 24)
Blessed Tome C 71 Unlocks Beastslayer for Tomes The Dark Pontifex (The Dark Pontifex Lv. 37)
Conduit Tome C 88 Unlocks Topsy-Turvy for Tomes Together to the End (Fort Defense Lv.43)
Armorbane Tome D 20 Unlocks Armor Strike for Tomes Hero Challenge (Fort Siege Lv. 36)
Swordbane Tome D 26 Unlocks Swordbreaker for Tomes Land of Gods (Recruitment Battle Lv. 19)
Lancebane Tome C 60 Unlocks Lancebreaker for Tomes Grief (Fort Siege Lv. 44)
Axebane Tome C 60 Unlocks Axebreaker for Tomes Land of Gods (Arena Lv. 59)
Bowbane Tome C 52 Unlocks Bowbreaker for Tomes Grief (Fort Defense Lv. 34)
Tomebane Tome C 60 Unlocks Tomebreaker for Tomes Land of Gods (Fort Defense Lv. 41)
Dragonbane Tome C 60 Unlocks Stonebreaker for Tomes Grief (Fort Siege Lv. 68)
Clawbane Tome C 60 Unlocks Clawbreaker for Tomes Grief (Rendezvous Disruption Lv. 64)
Genpeer Tome C 60 Unlocks Genpeer for Tomes Knorda Market (Gold Rush Lv. 64)
Gencross Tome C 60 Unlocks Gencross for Tomes Princess Minerva (Recruitment Battle Lv. 70)
Statflip Tome C 60 Unlocks Statflip for Tomes A Brush in the Teeth (Fort Siege Lv. 72)
Bolster Tome C 60 Unlocks Bolster for Tomes Caravan Dancer (Fort Defense Lv. 57)
Acceleration Tome C 60 Unlocks Acceleration for Tomes Emmeryn (Emmeryn Lv. 105)
Amped Tome C 60 Unlocks Amped for Tomes Scion of Legend (Shadow Elimination Lv. 69)
Legendary Tome E 480 Unlocks Legendary for Tomes Caravan Dancer (Caravan Dancer Lv. 105)


  • Weapons with a ___-Slayer attribute in one of their 6 normal slots receive a 20% reduction in Might.
    • This reduction is shown by the Might value being red.
    • This reduction is ignored by the True Power attribute.
  • Conduit Tome has the Might of a B ranked weapon despite being ranked a C weapon.

Special Weapons

Name Rank Might Effects/Notes Unlock
Elite Tome A 167 (Slayers)
208 (No Slayers)
Comes pre-equipped with Attributes:
Draco, Wing, Strong VI, Healer, Healing Gift, & Health+
Hero Challenge
(Arena Lv. 80)
Grima's Truth (E) (80) Validar Only Enemy Only (for now?)
Iago's Tome (E) (80) Iago Only Enemy Only (for now?)
Imhullu (E) (80) Gharnef Only Enemy Only (for now?)