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"A hero from the world of Fire Emblem Awakening and a tactician of the Halidom of Ylisse, Robin is a part of a force that fights against a hopeless destiny. After losing all memories of the past, Robin forged a strong bond with Chrom and established a reputation for being a coolheaded tactician in battle. Robin uses a tome to command a variety of magics, oftentimes dark, to attack enemies. Together with the Levin Sword, this tactician can turn the tide of battle."
Alliances Class Promotion Weapon Type Personal Weapon Recruit English VA Japanese VA
Ylisse Tactician Grandmaster Tome Thoron Clear Chapter 5
Clear Invisible Ties
David Vincent
Lauren Landa
Yoshimasu Hosoya
Miyuki Sawashiro


Promotion Gains

HP Str Mag Def Res Skl Spd Lck
88 19 30 11 32 25 16 12

Level 99 Stats

Surge Crest HP Str Mag Def Res Skl Spd Lck Mov
No 550 61 95 36 102 80 52 40 5
Yes 638 80 125 47 134 105 68 52 5

Level 110 Stats

Surge Crest HP Str Mag Def Res Skl Spd Lck Mov
No 606 67 104 40 112 88 57 44 5
Yes 694 86 134 51 144 113 73 56 5

Level 130 Stats

Surge Crest HP Str Mag Def Res Skl Spd Lck Mov
No 708 79 122 46 131 102 67 52 5
Yes 796 98 152 57 163 127 83 64 5

Level 150 Stats

Surge Crest HP Str Mag Def Res Skl Spd Lck Mov
No 810 90 139 53 150 117 76 59 5
Yes 898 109 169 64 182 142 92 71 5


Regular Attacks

  • Robin fires three orbs of electricity.
  • Robin fires four orbs of electricity.
  • Robin staggers three sets of two orbs (six total).
  • Robin has four orbs surround and move in a counter-clockwise around them.
  • Robin will create a sigil in the ground in front of them, lifting enemies in the air.
  • Robin fires (exact number not known) orbs randomly at their opponents.
  • Robin has four orbs appear which move in a small arc upwards, before combining into one larger orb which Robin will direct downwards into the enemies.

Strong Attack I

As Robin attacks enemies, a meter underneath their portrait will fill. Depending on the amount charged, their strong attack will behave differently.

  • Less Than Half-Charge: Purple swirls will surround Robin, dealing damage to enemies that approach. This will not get rid of any energy in the meter.
  • Half-Charge To Less Than Full-Charge: Robin will throw out a orb of lightning, dealing damage and revealing a stun gauge for commanders.
  • Full-Charge: A pillar of light appears under Robin, which they will quickly flip backwards from, then thrust forward with a burst of energy. This will reveal a triangle advantage stun gauge.

Strong Attack II

Robin casts Elfire, which damages enemies with a burst of flame on the ground. Robin will then cause the flame to grow, dealing more damage, launching enemies upward.

Strong Attack III

Robin casts Elwind, which causes wind blades to appear around Robin, hitting nearby enemies. They will then follow it up with a large horizontal wind blade that will travel in front of them.

Strong Attack IV

Robin casts Thoron, but starts it by gathering electricity in one hand, hitting opponents in front of them. They will spin around, then fire it forwards, hitting many enemies in front of her in a straight line.

Strong Attack V

Robin casts Ruin, which creates a small dome structure on the ground, hitting enemies multiple times before Robin turns around and dispels the cast, scattering enemies.

Strong Attack VI

Robin casts Rexaura, which causes beams of light to rain down, all around them, as they float into the air. The attack ends when a final larger beam of light rains down in front of Robin, knocking away all enemies, and creating a small crater that disappears.

Warrior Special

Robin creates a sigil underneath them before pulling out their Levin Sword which they will slash at enemies with 3 times, sending them into the air. As enemies fall down, Robin throws the Levin Sword forward and it lodges itself into the ground while discharging electricity, hitting enemies several times as Robin charges up. After charging, Robin lets loose a lightning bolt that targets the Levin Sword, damaging the airborne enemies and scattering them.

Robin shares their basic moveset with Tharja.

Weapon Skill Priority

Attack Skills

  • Rainstorm – Must
  • Strong I – Must
  • Strong II – Med
  • Strong III – Low
  • Strong IV – Med
  • Strong V – High
  • Strong VI – High

Rainstorm increases the damage of regular attacks, which are used to get to some combos.
Strong I increases the damage Robin does when trying to open up a stun gauge.
Strong II is okay, as the associated combo ender has its utility.
Strong III isn’t extremely useful.
Strong IV is okay, as the associated combo ender has its utility.
Strong V its associated combo ender is extremely strong.
Strong VI its associated combo ender is extremely strong.

Swap Skills

  • Topsy-Turvy – Low

Bonus Skills

  • Dracoslayer – High
  • Wingslayer – High
  • Beastslayer – Med
  • Mountslayer – Med
  • Plateslayer – Low

Defeat Skills

  • Healing Gift – Low
  • Warrior Gift – Low
  • Awaken Gift – Low

Boost Skills

  • Triangle + – Low
  • Pair Up + – High
  • Critical + – Med
  • Warrior + – Med
  • Health + – Med
  • Desperate + – Low

Break Skills

  • Armor Strike – Must

Fury Skills

  • Fury – Med

Slay Skills

  • Swordbreaker – Low
  • Lancebreaker – Low
  • Axebreaker – Low
  • Bowbreaker – Low
  • Tomebreaker – High
  • Stonebreaker – Low


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