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In History Mode, maps from the Fire Emblem franchise are recreated as mission selection screens, where the player may attack enemy soldiers representing special missions. Clearing certain battles will advance the map's story, which may open up access to new missions in the form of enemy reinforcements. Each map has a "boss" enemy; clearing the mission they represent with complete the map, after which new missions represented by Space-Time Distortions will begin to appear.

The player is rated on their performance in three different categories; completion time, KO total, and damage taken. In most missions, acquiring an S-Rank requires you to finish in under 15 minutes, score 2000 KOs across the entirety of your team, and not take more than 80% damage across the entirety of your team. Some missions may have narrower time constraints, or omit certain categories from the scoring entirely.

Mission Types

Each mission fits into a specific sub-category within one of two larger categories.

Standard Missions

In these missions, the full map is used. The mission is cleared when the enemy commander is defeated, but the gates to the enemy base start out closed. The conditions to open the enemy base vary from sub-category to sub-category:

Targeted Elimination: A number of powerful enemy captains roam the map. The player must eliminate all indicated captains.

Ally Rescue: A number of allied captains are stranded in different locations across the map, each being assailed by an enemy captain. The player must eliminate the enemy captains while keeping the allied captains alive. If any allied captain is defeated, the mission is failed.

Fort Siege: A number of enemy forts are highlighted, and will periodically spawn powerful enemies throughout the mission. The player must capture all indicated forts.

Fort Defense: The player begins with control of three allied forts, and enemies will assault the allied forts. Enemy captains noted as Ruffians will attempt to enter the allied forts, after which the player only has one minute to defeat the Ruffian before the allied fort is captured. The player must eliminate all Ruffians while defending the allied forts.

Pincer Escape: There are two different enemy factions on the map, attacking each other in addition to the allied forces. Much like Targeted Elimination, the player must eliminate the indicated enemy and rogue captains to open up access to their respective bases. Focusing too heavily on one faction will cause the other faction to gain morale, so a balanced approach is recommended. Both enemy commanders must be defeated to complete the mission.

Shadow Elimination: Enemy summoning mages will continuously spawn shadow duplicates of the enemy commander. Additional enemies will spawn to assist the shadow duplicates by rallying their morale or advancing to heal them. The player must eliminate all summoning mages and shadow duplicates.

Rendezvous Disruption: Enemy captains are situated in enemy bases. During the mission, enemy escort troops will attempt to rendezvous with the captains. If they are allowed to meet up, the enemy captain receives a strength boost; conversely, if the escort troop is defeated before they can reach the captain, the captain will be reduced in strength. The enemy captains will eventually advance on the allied base, regardless of whether they have an escort. The player must eliminate all enemy captains.

Recruitment Battle: Rogue captains are scattered around the map. Your Allied Commander will attempt to rendezvous with them, and if successful will turn them to the allied force's side. The player may instead choose to defeat the Rogue captains, but defeating even one of them will cause all others- including those previously recruited -to immediately side with the Enemy forces. The player must either defeat or recruit all the Rogue captains.

Villager Rescue: Numerous unarmed Villagers adorn the map. They will come under attack by the enemy forces. If the enemy captains defeat a Villager, the Villager will promote and become an enemy unit that must be defeated; if the player defeats the enemy captains, the Villager they were victimizing will instead promote and join the player's army. All Villagers must be resolved one way or the other before the enemy base opens, with a morale boost for the army that recruits the most.

Escape: Several of your allies are held captive in specific keeps, but their locations are unknown to the player. Defeating specific enemy captains will reveal the location of your trapped comrades, allowing you to free them. Entering the wrong keep will cause a powerful Shadow enemy to spawn and assault the Allied Base. When an ally has been rescued, they will attempt to escape the map through a designated escape zone, and must be protected from the guards who try to defeat them. The player must successfully rescue and escort all allied units.

Boss Missions: These missions are given unique titles, but will typically play out similarly to one of the above sub-categories. In some boss missions, the enemy commander themself may assault the allied base, or an additional enemy may spawn after the enemy commander is defeated.

Challenge Missions

In these missions, only a small portion of the map is used, and there are no forts or outposts. These missions tend to be shorter than standard missions.

Arena: The player faces six waves of enemy commanders. After each wave, the gold reward for the mission increases, and the player is given an opportunity to end the mission early by leaving through the gates. The sixth and final wave is significantly more powerful than the five before it and offers a large reward, but the player needs only complete the first five to acquire an S-Rank. Clear time is not scored.

Timed Onslaught: The player faces a large horde of infinitely-spawning enemies, during which they must score as many KOs as possible within the time limit. Enemies that carry Awakening Tonics spawn frequently, and use of Awakening Mode is encouraged. The mission ends once time runs out. Clear time is a fixed value, and therefore not scored.

Timed Attack: The player faces groups of enemies, and must score a specific number of KOs within the time limit. New reinforcements will spawn with each 100 KOs scored. Enemy captains will periodically attempt to boost morale, and should be defeated before they can do so. The mission ends once the KO goal has been reached. The KO score is a fixed value, and therefore not scored.

Gold Rush: This type of mission behaves almost identically to Timed Onslaught and has the same requirements for an S-Rank, but rewards the player with more gold than usual and features sub-mission opportunities to earn even more gold.

Shadow Rush: Shadow versions of captains and commanders will appear in a small arena. The player must defeat these shadows to make large amounts of weak enemies appear; the fewer shadows remain, the more enemies appear, with a huge amount appearing when all shadows are destroyed. Shadows will reappear over time. The battle is won once a certain KO threshold is reached. The KO score is a fixed value, and therefore not scored.

Escort the Villagers: The player must protect a number of Villagers on the map from hordes of oncoming enemies until time runs out. If any Villager is defeated, the player loses the battle. Clear time is a fixed value, and therefore not scored.


Some maps have additional constraints that will affect the battle. This is displayed on the selection screen.

Triangle Amplification: The Weapon Triangle has more prominent effects; swords will perform even stronger than usual against axes, but fare even poorer against lances, for example.

Reduced Healing: Healing items such as Vulneraries and staves cannot be used. Passive healing from standing within a fort controlled by your faction still occurs.

Time Constrained: The mission timer is reduced to 15 minutes. As 15 minutes is the standard threshold for an S-Rank, this is irrelevant if you are attempting to acquire an S-Rank.

Mounted Advantage: Mounted units are more powerful than usual.

Physical Advantage: Units who use physical attacks are more powerful than usual.

Magic Advantage: Units who use magic are more powerful than usual.

Neutralized Effectiveness: Bonus damage (Such as bows against flying units, or Falchion against dragons) no longer applies, and effective weapons will deal regular damage instead.

Test of Skill: Sealed weapon attributes unlock twice as fast, but there is a ten-minute time limit to complete the map, and a seven-minute time limit to attain an S Rank.

Experience Check: Experience gain is increased, but so is damage taken. The damage limit on attaining an S Rank is not applied.

Deploy Limit

Some maps restrict the units you can deploy.

Weapon Restrictions: Only heroes who wield a specific type of weapon, such as swords or tomes, can be deployed.

Story Restrictions: Only heroes from a specific game of origin can be deployed. Most boss missions carry this restriction. Rowan, Lianna, and Anna are typically exempt from this restriction.

Movement Restrictions: Only mounted or unmounted heroes can be deployed.

Gender Restrictions: Only male or female heroes can be deployed. Corrin and Robin count as both, and are exempt from these restrictions, regardless of which costume is chosen (before version 1.2.0, Corrin and Robin were treated as only female and male respectively).

Once a mission has been cleared with an S-Rank at least once, the deploy limit will be removed, allowing you to freely replay the mission with whatever units you want.

Space-Time Distortions

Upon clearing the boss mission of a map, a number of strange vortices will appear. Each of these vortices is a difficult new mission, with a small associated story. Though the distortions will appear once the map is cleared, most of them cannot be accessed until the player meets certain conditions such as clearing every other mission on the map, or getting S-Ranks.

Anna's Mementos

Some missions are labeled as having two Anna's Mementos to find. Much like in Story Mode, the first Anna's Memento always appears once the player scores 1,000 KOs. The second Anna's Memento will appear once the player either scores 1,200 KOs, seizes five enemy forts, or scores 75 KOs with Dual Specials, depending on the mission. The requirement can be checked on the battle menu. The player cannot acquire both Anna's Mementos in one session, and must complete the mission with the first Anna's Memento before the second one becomes available.

A succinct guide to Anna's Mementos can be found here.

Once all Anna's Mementos for a particular illustration have been acquired, a very difficult mission will appear on the respective map themed after the events depicted in the illustration.