History Mode Guide - Caravan Dancer (Warriors)

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This map is modeled after Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem Awakening. As soldiers continue to clash on the battlefield, Chrom and the others battle Validar. To their flank, a lone dancer can be seen approaching the battlefield with resolve in her heart.

Normal Maps

  • Reinforcements: Clearing any map will cause reinforcements to appear, including Olivia. Clearing another map will cause two more reinforcements to appear, guarding Validar.
  • Rendezvous with Olivia: You must clear Olivia's map to access Validar's map.
  • Completion: Completing "Caravan Dancer" will clear the history map. Afterwards, the player will unlock an Exalt costume for Chrom.

Map Icon Dif. Restrictions Deploy Limit Stage Anna? Reward S-Rank Bonus
Gold Rush Outrealm Fiend Lv. 77 None None Dusk Castle No Caeda's Breastplate None
Timed Attack Archer Lv. 9 None None Dragon Valley No Owain's Divine Names None
Targeted Elimination Great Knight Lv. 51 None None Desolate Gorge No Frederick's Ribbon Tie Cordelia's Lance
Recruitment Battle Mage Lv. 49 None None Castle Sol No Xander's Plate Armor Frederick's Axe
Rendezvous Disruption Pegasus Knight Lv. 89 Magic Advantage Male The World Tree Yes Acceleration Lance None
Escape Myrmidon Lv. 29 None None Kingswood No None Bond Charm
Escort the Villagers Myrmidon Lv. 87 Triangle Amplification Spears Desert Arena No Lyn's Cord Belt None
Shadow Elimination Myrmidon Lv. 109 Physical Advantage None Dragon Valley Yes Legendary Sword None
Timed Attack Manakete Lv. 106 None Mounted The World Tree No Chrom's Pauldron None
Timed Onslaught Archer Lv. 83 None Tomes/Stones Castle Sol No Anna's Purse None
Fort Defense Myrmidon Lv. 57 None None The Interspace No Bolster Tome None
Fort Siege Mage Lv. 103 None None Desolate Gorge No Gharnef's Orb None
Ally Rescue Archer Lv. 68 None None Kingswood No Amped Lance Frederick's Axe's Scroll
Targeted Elimination Fighter Lv. 96 Test of Skill None Fortified Citadel Yes Acceleration Bow None
Pincer Escape Soldier Lv. 21 None None Aytolis City No Sakura's Headband Master Seal
Arena Manakete Lv. 61 None None Great Plain No Amped Bow None
Escape Mage Lv. 73 None None Fortified Citadel No Tharja's Liver-and-Eel Pie Olivia's Blade's Scroll
Shadow Rush Manakete Lv. 99 None None Ebony Volcano No Iago's Half Mask None
Escort the Villagers Olivia Lv. 41 None None The Interspace No Bolster Sword Olivia's Blade
Caravan Dancer Validar Lv. 105 None None Desert Arena No Legendary Tome Elixir

Time-Space Distortions

These appear after clearing the history map. In addition, there are conditions to unlock them.

  • Anti-annihilation: S-Rank five battles without space-time distortions to unlock
  • Dance Practice: S-Rank Caravan Dancer to unlock
  • A Sound Thrashing: Clear all battles without space-time distortions to unlock
  • Grow a Backbone: S-Rank all battles without space-time distortions to unlock
Map Icon Dif. Restrictions Deploy Limit Stage Anna? Reward S-Rank Bonus
Anti-annihilation (Timed Onslaught) Space-Time Distortion Lv. 111 None Fates Heroes Fortified Citadel No Camilla's Tasses Great Festal
Dance Practice (Escort the Villagers) Space-Time Distortion Lv. 117 None None Aytolis Castle No Olivia's Model Theater Falchion's Opus
A Sound Thrashing (Fort Defense) Space-Time Distortion Lv. 123 Reduced Healing Female Kingswood No Corrin's Hair Clasp Frederick's Axe's Opus
Grow a Backbone (Ally Rescue) Space-Time Distortion Lv. 128 Experience Check None Ebony Volcano No Chaos Dragon's Jewel Olivia's Blade's Opus