History Mode Guide - Emmeryn (Warriors)

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This map is modeled after Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem Awakening. Chrom and the others arrive at the execution grounds to rescue Emmeryn. They find a mage wholly uninterested in the fight between two kingdoms, content to simply cast her hexes instead.

Normal Maps

  • Reinforcements: Clearing any map will cause reinforcements to appear. Clearing Tharja's map will cause two Wyvern Rider reinforcements to appear.
  • Dark Barrier: Defeating the Wyvern Riders will dispel the dark barrier blocking off access to Validar.
  • Camilla: Clearing Validar's map will cause Camilla to appear.
  • Completion: Completing "Emmeryn" will clear the history map. Afterwards, the player will unlock a Dark Flier costume for Cordelia.

Map Icon Dif. Restrictions Deploy Limit Stage Anna? Reward S-Rank Bonus
Escort the Villagers Soldier Lv. 33 None None The World Tree Yes Bolster Bow None
Villager Rescue Fighter Lv. 70 None None Ebony Volcano No Amped Axe None
Gold Rush Myrmidon Lv. 11 None None Kingswood No Owain's Divine Names None
Pincer Escape Archer Lv. 102 Neutralized Effectiveness None Desolate Gorge No Lucina's Mask None
Fort Siege Archer Lv. 76 None Axes Dragon Valley No Lianna's Cape None
Shadow Rush Manakete Lv. 47 None None Dusk Castle No Leo's Collar Thoron
Arena Outrealm Fiend Lv. 37 None None Castle Sol No Bolster Lance None
Targeted Elimination Mage Lv. 92 Time Constrained None Aytolis City Yes Celica's Circlet Cordelia's Lance's Scroll
Recruitment Battle Mage Lv. 88 None Bows Desolate Gorge Yes Navarre's Sword Strap Thoron's Scroll
Fort Siege Archer Lv. 25 None None Desert Arena No Niles's Eye Patch Master Seal
Escape Pegasus Knight Lv. 85 None None Aytolis City Yes Marth's Tiara None
Arena Mage Lv. 100 None None The Interspace No Lyn's Cord Belt Elixir
Timed Onslaught Mage Lv. 108 None None Kingswood No Legendary Axe None
Escape Tharja Lv. 53 None None The Interspace No Tharja's Liver-and-Eel Pie Tharja's Hex
Gold Rush Wyvern Rider Lv. 75 None Altean Heroes Great Plain No Acceleration Sword None
Shadow Elimination Wyvern Rider Lv. 65 Test of Skill None Dusk Castle No Ampedstone None
Escort the Villagers Validar Lv. 95 None None Fortified Citadel No Validar's Necklace None
Ally Rescue Manakete Lv. 81 None None Fortified Citadel No Olivia's Model Theater None
Rendezvous Disruption Archer Lv. 112 None None Ebony Volcano Yes Legendarystone None
Emmeryn Camilla Lv. 105 None None Aytolis Castle No Acceleration Tome Tharja's Hex's Scroll

Time-Space Distortions

These appear after clearing the history map. In addition, there are conditions to unlock them.

  • Food for Concern: S-Rank five battles without space-time distortions to unlock
  • A Spooky Tale: S-Rank Emmeryn to unlock
  • Peer through Darkness: Clear all battles without space-time distortions to unlock
  • One Good Sneeze: S-Rank all battles without space-time distortions to unlock
Map Icon Dif. Restrictions Deploy Limit Stage Anna? Reward S-Rank Bonus
Food for Concern (Timed Attack) Space-Time Distortion Lv. 114 None Male Castle Sol No Ryoma's Battle Coat Recover
A Spooky Tale (Villager Rescue) Space-Time Distortion Lv. 118 Experience Check None Dusk Castle No Elise's Ribbon Tharja's Hex's Opus
Peer through Darkness (Recruitment Battle) Space-Time Distortion Lv. 124 None None The Interspace No Chaos Dragon's Jewel Cordelia's Lance's Opus
One Good Sneeze (Shadow Rush) Space-Time Distortion Lv. 129 Reduced Healing None Aytolis Castle No Darios's Circlet Parallel Falchion's Opus