Validar (Cipher)

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Validar - Series 14

Validar: Fell Dragon-Worshipping Sorcerer
Class Sorcerer (Advanced) Cost 5(4)
Symbol Brand None Affinities Male Tome None None None
Attack 70 Support 0 Range 1-2
Quote My dear boy, we already know how this story ends - you and I both! And yet you rush here... Are you so eager to meet the fell dragon yourself? Or perhaps your own fatal destiny ― you would have that realized first? Ha ha!
Skill 1 Grima's Truth ACT Once Per Turn [ Flip 3 Bonds ] Your opponent may choose 2 cards from their hand and send them to the Retreat Area. If they do not, destroy your opponent's Main Character.
Skill 2 Dragon's Table ACT Once Per Turn [Destroy 2 allies with a Deployment Cost of 1 or lower ] Choose 1 non-Main Character enemy, and destroy it.
Card Code B14-042R Illustrator Kazuhiro Taneda