Side Stories: Touma Akagi

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Side Story title Objective Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
Thrust to the Future Watch Raiga with Touma

Defeat 5 Blobs

Shibuya Stage Rank 3 - Chapter 1 Intermission Door of Rampage, Raging Stampede Script/Walkthrough

Recommended level : 7

Touma in Leopard Print Hit on girls with Touma Toubo Rooftop Stage Rank 5 - Chapter 2 Intermission Door of Transformation, Gaia's Whisper Script/Walthrough
The Hero Awakens Find Riku Fortuna Entertainment office Stage Rank 9 - Chapter 4 Intermission Door of Heroes, Ouga Flame Thrust, Crazy Circus*, Last Rampage "Awakened Hero" title, Master Seal Script/Walkthrough

Recommended level : 42

  • Crazy Circus : requires Eleonora Side Story 2 cleared too
  • Last Rampage : requires Yashiro Side Story 3 cleared too