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Side Story title Objectives Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
I'll Tiki-Tiki You (For Reals) Tiki has a favor to ask of Itsuki. It seems that the famous Uta-loid composer Tiki=Waifu has not been making songs lately. Tiki asks Itsuki to check the whereabouts of Tiki=Waifu. Bloom Palace 1 playable character Side Story cleared - Chapter 1 Intermission "Idola_Safety.exe" skill Script/Walkthrough

Head inside cafe in Shibuya and after hearing conversation, go to Idolasphere 106 (inside go to 4F) to find Tiki=Waifu.

Coffee and Donuts Tiki wants to try eating a donut that is popular in this world. Bloom Palace Chapter 3 Intermission "Performa_Finder.exe" skill Script/Walkthrough

Go to Hee Ho Mart and then leave to find Tiki=Waifu outside by cafe in Shibuya.

Sleepless in Shibuya Itsuki is called upon because Tiki has a nightmare. Since her connection with this world is fleeting, Tiki is anxious she will be forgotten by everyone. And so, Itsuki promises to make a song for her. Bloom Palace After clearing the Trial of Heroes during Chapter 6 "Wish_Granted.exe" skill, "Miracle Uta-loid" title, Master Seal Script/Walkthrough

Recommended level : 53 - Upon reaching the exit of Fortuna Office, Chrom's voice will speak to Itsuki and suggests seeking Tiki=Waifu for assistance in composing a song. Go to Shibuya Central City and enter the cafe. After a dialogue, go to Shibuya 106's Idolasphere. Warp to B3F and enter the door to go down to B4F after receiving a new Topic from Tiki. After the battle, leave the Idolasphere and return to the cafe in Central City. After the events, return to Bloom Palace to finish the Side Story.