Side Story: Sleepless in Shibuya

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When Side Story is available, the player will receive a Topic from Tiki in Contacts. It goes as follows:

Tiki: Big brother...

Tiki: I don't want to be alone... I want to see you.

Bloom Palace

Tiki: Oh, big brother... you made it. Hey, can we talk for a bit?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Yes
  • No

If the player chooses "no"

>The player gets the option to perform Unity.

If the player chooses "yes":

Itsuki: Of course.

The screen goes blank for a second.

Tiki: Um... I had a scary dream.

Itsuki: That bad?

Tiki: Yeah. It was a dream where everyone in this world didn't know I existed anymore. No matter how much I yelled or screamed, no one noticed me. I was all alone in that dream... Ehehe... It's silly, isn't it? I've got you and everyone else with me.

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • It was just a dream.
  • We would never leave you.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: It was just a dream. We wouldn't leave you, Tiki.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: We would never leave you.

Regardless of what option the player chose:

Itsuki: There's nothing to worry about.

Tiki: Yeah... Thanks, big brother. You're right. You do come to see me like this. And besides, when my "sisters"---The other "Tikis"---carry songs to me, I feel like I'm connected with the world. Then again, that's only because my body's made from the Performa that my sisters bring me.

Itsuki: In that case... maybe I can make a song too.

Tiki: ...Huh?

Ituski: So you can feel more connected to this world.

Tiki: Really!? You'll really make one!?

Itsuki: Yeah.

Tiki: Yaaaay! It's a promise then!

Itsuki: Leave it to me.

Fortuna Office

Itsuki leaves the Bloom Palace and upon approaching the door, Chrom's voice is heard.

Chrom's Voice: To think you'd bring up wanting to make a song.

Itsuki: Is it odd?

Chrom's Voice: No, I think it's a great idea. Your skill as an entertainer has risen quite a lot. I believe you'll mature into a fine man.

Itsuki: Still... I've never composed or written a song before... What should I do?

Chrom's Voice: How about that girl from before? Tiki=Waifu, I think? The one you rescued.

Itsuki: Oh, her...! True, I'd have nothing to worry about if she'd teach me. If I remember correctly, she usually composes songs at the cafe. I should check it out.

Itsuki begins sending urgent Topic to Tiki. It goes as follows:

Itsuki: Tiki.

Tiki: Is the song done already!?

Itsuki: There's no way I could've gotten it done that fast. I'm thinking of going to the cafe and asking Tiki=Waifu to teach me.

Tiki: I se!

Itsuki: I don't know how it'll go, but I'll try my best at it. Wait for me.

Tiki: Okay! I'm really looking forward to it!

Tiki: Tmsfe-sticker 20.png

Shibuya Central City Cafe

Itsuki: ...She's not here...

Uta-loid Lover: I haven't seen anything from Tiki=Waifu in a while again.

Bored High-Schooler: Yeah. It's not just her though. Seems like other composers are dropping out. Maybe Tiki's become outdated.

Uta-loid Lover: You've got a point... The Tiki fandom hasn't been too active these days.

Itsuki: ...Again? What do you think, Chrom?

Chrom's Voice: A Mirage may be involved with this. It's possible Tiki had that nightmare because her supply of Performa's been dropping...

Itsuki: If a Mirage is involved in this, then the 106 is suspect.

Chrom's Voice: Agree. This may be related to how the composer wandered in there before.

Itsuki: Let's check it out.

Itsuki sends urgent Topic to Tiki. It goes as follows:

Itsuki: Tiki.

Tiki: Is it done!? Is the song done!?

Itsuki: About that... I can't find Tiki=Waifu...

Tiki: Huh...?

Itsuki: It's possible she wandered into the Idolasphere at the 106 again.

Tiki: Tiki=Waifu...

Itsuki: Don't worry, Tiki. I'll be sure to bring her back safe.

Tiki: Big brother...

Itsuki: So I hope you can wait on the song until then.

Tiki: Um, big brother. I have a bad feeling about this... Make sure you be careful, okay?

Itsuki: Of course!

Tiki: Tmsfe-sticker 20.png

Shibuya 106 Idolasphere

Chrom: Itsuki, it's faint, but I can sense the composer's presence...

Itsuki: You can tell?

Chrom: That girl has some powerful Performa as well, after all. Considering its potency, it wouldn't surprise me if a Mirage was after it.

Itsuki: We should hurry...!

You receive a new Topic from Tiki in the Side Story:

Tiki: Big brother! I'm sensing the powerful presence of a Mirage. It's coming from the deepest room under the building!

Tiki: I also sense weak Performa around it, but it's not just one of them...

Tiki: I think a lot of people might be trapped! Please, big brother! You have to hurry and rescue them!

B4F of Shibuya 106 Idolasphere

Itsuki: Tiki=Waifu!

Cervantes: Hah hah hah! Commendable! Commendable indeed, making it this far.

Chrom: What massive amounts of Performa...! So that presence I sensed before was from this man...

Cervantes: Yes, these humans' Performa suit me just fine! Bwa hah hah... sometimes my brilliance even amazes me!

Chrom: Is this man different from the others? What is this feeling? It's like Tiki---no, more like the fake Yashiro we fought...!

Itsuki: Could it be the Dragonstone!?

Chrom: Just what is he...!?

Cervantes: Ah, my mustache bristles with victory! You think you can beat a general like me? Unparalleled? Undefeated? Unshaven!? If you wish to save these humans, you must defeat me first!

Chrom: Be careful, Itsuki! That Mirage isn't going down easy!

Itsuki: Even so, we can't back down from this! Let's do this, Chrom!

Battle initiates.

Cervantes: Ah, I can feel victory bristling in my whiskers!

After a few turns into the battle:

Cervantes: Gwahahaha! Aye, stupendous! With this much Performa, I can do anything I please!

After the battle ends:

Itsuki: Phew..

Fanboy Composer: Where... am I?

HS-girl COmposer: I gotta... make a new song...

Itsuki: Are you okay!?

Tiki=Waifu: ...?

Itsuki: What a relief...

Tiki=Waifu: Oh... you're that kind person... ...Did you save me again?

She gets up and stands.

Tiki=Waifu: Thank you very much.

Itsuki: I-It's nothing.

Tiki=Waifu: ... Should I... offer you some donuts as a token of my gratitude?

Itsuki: Oh, I'm good on those, thanks.

Tiki=Waifu: Hmm... then what can I do...? Oh, I'm not parting with these headphones though.

Itsuki: I was wondering if you could teach me how to compose a song.

Tiki=Waifu: That's all you want!? Not only are you kind, you're selfless too. Your request is a piece of cake. Let's begin once we're at the cafe.

Itsuki: Thanks. All right then, I'll escort you to a safe area first.

Tiki=Waifu: How much nicer can you get!?

Itsuki: Huh?

Tiki=Waifu: ...However, that won't be necessary. I've come here before, so I can return on my own.

Itsuki: Uh... Anyway, I should get the others back to Shibuya.

The screen transitions the same area but without the civilians.

Chrom: Itsuki, take a look at this. It's too small to call it a shard, but it's a piece of the Dragonstone.

Itsuki: You mean from Tiki?

Chrom: Most likely. This fragment must've fallen into that Mirage's hands. This may have allowed him to gather the Performa from those humans and amplify their effects.

Itsuki: We should give it back to Tiki later.

Chrom: I agree.

Obtained (Key Item) Dragonstone Chip.

Once you exit the Idolsphere, you receive an urgent Topic from Tiki=Waifu. It goes as follows:

Tiki=Waifu: Thanks to you, I have returned to the city of Shibuya.

Tiki=Waifu: I am waiting at the cafe, so please come see me.

Tiki=Waifu: The sooner, the better.

Shibuya Central City Cafe

Tiki=Waifu: ...Ah. You've made it, Selfless-and-Kind Person.

Itsuki: I should've introduced myself much sooner, but my name's Itsuki Aoi. It's nice to meet you.

Tiki=Waifu: Is that so? Well then, shall we begin?

The screen goes blank and then a laptop is shown in front of Itsuki.

Tiki=Waifu: Still... how do I go about teaching you...? Usually, I make songs like ZAAAP! or BAAAM!

Itsuki: ...Zaaap?

Tiki=Waifu: Uhh, why don't I have you start by writing the lyrics...? If you want to compose a song, I assume you want to convey your feelings to someone, right? I think it'll work if you think about them while writing the lyrics.

Itsuki: I see... I'll give it a try.

Itsuki followed Tiki=Waifu's advice and tried writing the lyrics...

Tiki=Waifu: Next is the music for it... but how do we do this...? Well... you know. What's important is going with the flow. Just give it a try however you want.

Itsuki: Could you be a little more specific...?

Tiki=Waifu: Hmm... Once you come up with a phrase of music, start adding more to it to make that melody stand out... I think.

Itsuki: I'll try that.

Itsuki followed Tiki=Waifu's advice and tried composing music...

Itsuki: Something like this...?

Tiki=Waifu quietly listens to Itsuki's song.

Tiki=Waifu: I think it sounds fine? I'm not too sure though.

Itsuki: Come on...

Tiki=Waifu: That's just how songs are. There's no right or wrong answer. However, I could sense what you feel for "Tiki," so I"m certain this is a good song. It's as if you're talking about "Tiki" like she exists... That's quite the imagination you have---not as much as mine though.

Itsuki: Ahaha...

Tiki=Waifu: Time to upload this at once. Let's have the whole world hear this embarrassing song.

Itsuki: Just a moment. There's someone I want to have listen to it first, before anyone else does.

Tiki=Waifu: Is that so? You actually have a life, hm? Well I hope you crash and burn then.

Itsuki: A-Anyway, thanks for your help. I'm sure this will make her happy.

Tiki=Waifu: I don't really get the situation, but good luck to you, Selfless-and-Kind Person with an Actual Life.

Itsuki sends an urgent Topic to Tiki. It goes as follows:

Itsuki: The song's done, Tiki.

Tiki: Really!?

Tiki: I wanna hear it!

Itsuki: Hold on. Be there soon.

Tiki: Tmsfe-sticker 02.png

Bloom Palace

Tiki: Welcome back, big brother! Ooh! Can I hear it right away?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Of course.
  • I want to use the facility.

If the player chooses option 2:

The player gets the option to perform Unity.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Of course.

The screen goes blank and Itsuki plays the song from his phone while Tiki listens.

'Tiki: ...

Itsuki: What do you think?

Tiki: ...Thank you.

Tiki turns around and face Itsuki.

Tiki: I sense a strong connection to the world---to you---through this... Thank you, big brother.

Itsuki: I'm glad to hear that... Oh, right. There's this too... We found it in the Idolasphere.

Tiki: Ah...

The screen gets blurry around Tiki.

Tiki: Eh? Huh?

Itsuki: Wh-What's going on...!?

The screen turns white and Tiki lands on the ground instead of floating.

TIki: ...

Tiki reaches out and touches Itsuki's face.

Itsuki: ...!

Tiki: I... I can touch you... I can't believe this! I can touch you, big brother!

Itsuki: You gained a physical form...? But how...?

Tiki: I dunno! It's a miracle... It must be because your song was filled with really powerful feelings!

Itsuki: Wait... Then this means you might be able to---

Tiki: Mm-hm!

Itsuki: So, what do you want to do?

Tiki: U-Um! I wanna eat a donut for real! Also! I wanna walk outside in your world! And then...! And then...!

Itsuki: Let's do everything you want.

Tiki: Really?

Itsuki: Leave it to me.

Tiki: Th-Then, one more thing! I wanna do a concert like everyone else!

Itsuki: R-Right. Leave it to me.

A cinematic occurs showing Tiki singing.

Tiki: That concert felt really great! Thanks, big brother!

Itsuki: Glad to hear it.

Tiki: So this is what everyone always does...

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • You should debut as an idol.
  • Singing isn't the only thing.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: You should debut as an idol. That concert earlier was great too, so I bet you'll be popular in no time. You can keep trying new things and find what you want to do.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: Singing isn't the only thing. I'm sure you'd enjoy acting too. You can keep trying new things and find what you want to do.

Regardless of what option the player chose:

Tiki: ...Those donuts were really good too.

Itsuki: There are lots more delicious things too---not just donuts. I'll take you all over.

Tiki: Thanks, big brother.

Tiki floats off the building.

Tiki: But... I'm sorry. ...I don't think that'll be possible.

Itsuki: Tiki?

Tiki: Ahaha... looks like my time is up.

Itsuki: No...

Tiki: I had fun today. I felt so happy. Big brother... thanks for granting so many of my wishes.

Itsuki: N-No... What do you mean you "had fun"? You finally got to go outside!

Tiki: I'm sorry.

Itsuki: No! Don't disappear on me, Tiki!

Tiki: I'll always remember the warmth of your hand, big brother...

Itsuki: Ah...

Tiki fades as the screen turns white.

Itsuki: ...Tiki? Tiki!

Itsuki: Tiki...!

Bloom Palace

Itsuki: Tiki...

Tiki: Uh... W-Welcome back.

Itsuki: Tiki?

Tiki: Ahaha... um... I should apologize. When I came to, I was back here again... Looks like the effect of that tiny Dragonstone just wore off...

Itsuki: I... I seriously thought you disappeared...

Tiki: Ahaha...

The screen goes black.

Tiki: Th-There's still much more I need to do here. I can't disappear that easily!

Itsuki: When someone disappears like that, people in this world think that they're gone for good.

Tiki: Hrgh... I'm so sorry that I worried you.

Itsuki: Still... I'm so glad you're here. I really am...

Tiki: ...I love you, big brother.

Itsuki: Hm?

Tiki: Ehehe! It's nothing!

Job complete!