Side Stories: Kiria Kurono

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Side Story title Objectives Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
Poker Face Find Kiria's plushy, Sir Gen Shibuya Stage Rank 5 - Chapter 1 Intermission Door of Wandering, The Labyrinth Script/Walkthrough
Not a Girl Defeat 10 Apparitions in Illusory Shibuya with Kiria in party and have Kiria land the finishing blow. Idolasphere in Shibuya Central Street Stage Rank 8 - Chapter 1 Intermission Door of Fluffiness, Pastel Power Script/Walkthrough

Recommended level: 21

Kiria in Wonderland Completing a challenge the Mirage Tharja prepared for Kiria to tap into her cute side. Fortuna Office Stage Rank 10 - Chapter 2 Intermission Door of Reincarnation, Give Me! Script/Walkthrough

Recommended level: 42 - After receiving Topic from Kiria for Tharja's preparations being complete, go to the Idolsphere in Shibuya with Kiria and Tsubasa in your party. Warp to the floor where you fought the final boss in the main story.