Side Story: Kiria in Wonderland

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When Side Story is available, Kiria will send Itsuki a Topic. The conversation is as follows:

Kiria: Itsuki... I don't know why, but I'm getting this really bad feeling. keep getting chills down my spine...

Maiko: You know... Kiria's been doing exceptionally well recently! And that's why I have an important announcement!

Maiko: Could you come by the office now? I've already told Kiria to come too. You two can chat while I get ready.

If kept waiting, Maiko will send another Topic:

Maiko: I have an important announcement to make, so I need you at the office. I called Kiria too, so chat a bit while I'm on my way.

Fortuna Office

>When Itsuki talks to Kiria:

Kiria:' Maiko called you too, huh? I've worked with her for so long I can tell... She's definitely up to something no good. Hey, I have a bad feeling about this, so mind staying with me?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Yes
  • No

If the player chooses "no":

Itsuki: I'm sorry. I have this thing...

Kiria: I see... All right...

Conversation ends, side story unaccepted.

If the player chooses "yes:"

Itsuki: Of course not. I'll stick around.

The screen transitions to the back of Kiria and Itsuki as they watch Tsubasa approach them.

Tsubasa: Hi, Ms. Maiko, I'm here! Oh? Were you two called here by Ms. Maiko too?

The screen transitions to Tsubasa talking to Kiria until Maiko shows up.

Maiko: Looks like everyone's here! Today, I have a big announcement to make!

Kiria: I knew it...

Tsubasa: A big announcement...!? What could it be...? My heart's racing...!

Maiko: You're thinking out loud again, Tsubasa. But I can understand why you're excited too. Kiria was so cute the other day... Watching that show gave me an idea. I felt like she could do something amazing now. And that's when it hit me!

Tsubasa: Wh-What is it!?

Maiko: Kiria and Tsubasa will be collaborating on a vocal duet!

Tsubasa: ...Huh? Huuuuuuuuuuh!?

Kiria: *Sigh* I had a feeling it'd be something like this.

Maiko: I already have a song ready for you two! It's a song that'll allow Kiria to fully display her hidden, cute side!

Tsubasa: ...

Kiria: Are you okay, Tsubasa?

Maiko: Oh my... What a child...! She's passed out standing upright!

>The screen turns black and transitions to Kiria and Itsuki standing over Tsubasa as she sits on the couch.

Kiria: Have you calmed down?

Tsubasa: Yes... I'm sorry.

Kiria: In order for us to master this song, we need both cuteness and coolness. But... I don't really understand how to act cute. The more I try and act cute, the more trouble I find myself in... I think Maiko saw through that. Just because I like cute things doesn't mean I can pull off a cute performance. I think this is impossible for me after all...

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • You can do it, Kiria.
  • You shouldn't give up so easily.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: You can do it, Kiria. We should train together.

Tsubasa: Y-You have me, too! I want to help you out as well! Kiria! Don't you want to do this duet with me!? I want to make it happen!

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: You shouldn't give up so easily. If you can't do it, then you just have to train yourself.

Tsubasa: If there's anything I can do to help, I'll do it! Kiria! Don't you want to do this duet with me!? I want to make it happen!

Regardless of what the player chose:

Kiria: ... ...It's not that I don't want to do it.

Tsubasa: Kiria!

Kiria: I want to make this duet mine. I want to wear that cute and cool costume, and I want to sing our song with all my heart.

Itsuki: Then we'll work on this together.

Kiria: Mm. Hey, Tsubsaa... I have a favor to ask. I want to learn your cuteness from you.

Tsubasa: Huuuuuuh!? M-M-M-Me, teach you!? B-But I-I don't know if I'm qualified...

Kiria: That's not true. I mean... you're cute, Tsubasa.

Tsubasa: ...! U-Understood! I, Tsubasa Oribe, 18 years old, may be unworthy, but I will assist with everything I have!

Tharja's Voice: ...I know the perfect training partner.

Kiria: Tharja!? When did you start listening in!?

Tharja Voice: Let's see... Around when you said, "I would cast myself into hell if it's for my darling Itsuki!"

Tsubasa: Darling...!? Kiria said that!? Th-That would be a problem for m--- I mean, that's not fair, Itsuki! W-Wait... Which am I jealous of...?

Tharja: The last-minute adjustments are taking longer than expected, so give me a little more time.

Itsuki: Last-minute adjustments...?

>The game transitions into gameplay and the player receives a new Topic from Kiria. It goes as follows:

Kiria: looks like Tharja's preparations are ready.

Kiria: it seems our training opponent is waiting in the Idolasphere at Shibuya. I'll send you the map now.

Kiria: I have a bad feeling about this since Tharja's the one who suggested it... anyway, let's meet there.

Tsubasa: Okay!

Tsubasa: Tmsfe-sticker 01.png

Itsuki: Got it.

Illusory Shibuya

>Once inside the Idolasphere:

Kiria: This is the place, right, Tharja?

Tharja: That's right...

Tsubasa: I-I wonder what kind of lesson this will be!

Tharja: Heh heh heh...

Kiria: I only get a bad feeling from this... but we'll just have to keep going.

Tsubasa: Right!

Boss Room

>Upon reaching the center area:

Itsuki: (I feel an ominous presence ahead... The training opponent that Tharja prepared must be there...)

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Let's proceed.
  • Never mind.

If the player chooses option 2:

>Gameplay is resumed and battle is not initiated.

If the player chooses option 1:

>The screen turns black and two large figure is shown in front of the party.

Chrom: Tharja... who are they?

Tharja: I tried making them from clay. Let's call them... Mirage golems. That works. ...The right one is Bord, and the left one is Cord... Heh heh... Aren't they cute?

Bord: The hell do you want!? Wanna fight me, Bord!?

Cord: I'm Cord! Stop getting my name wrong!

Caeda: I'm amazed, Tharja... To think you were able to make something like them.

Tharja: I made these boys so Kiria could learn from Tsubasa's cuteness and perform properly in battle to defeat them. Now, boys... assist Kiria and Tsubasa with their lesson.

>The earth starts shaking.

Tharja: Hm? Something doesn't seem right here.

Cord: Hey! I'm gonna chop ya up like firewood!

Bord: I'll send ya straight to hell!

The two Mirage golems start hitting each other.

Tsubasa: Eek!

Kiria: Tharja... This doesn't look good... Mind explaining what's going on?

Tharja: ...Oopsies.

Caeda: Good grief, Tharja!

Tharja: Oh... by the way... the boys are very strong, so don't let your guard down... You might end up dead...

Kiria: Ugh... Fine, bring it on! I'm going to master this new song no matter what... We can't lose here! Let's do this, Tsubasa! I'm going to learn every bit of your cuteness!

Tsubas: Of course, Kiria! I hope to do my best as well!

>The battle initiates.

Bord: Oi, Cord! You better not screw this up!

Cord: Bord, you chump! You're slowin' us down!

>After someone attacks Bord and/or Cord:

Tharja: Looks like it'll be hard to beat these idiots without charming them first... Tsubasa, mind showing Kiria how it's done?

Tsubasa: O-Okay! Here, watch this!

>Tsubasa is now able to use the skill "Seducing Pose" during this battle!

>When the player uses the skill:

Tsubasa: Yeah! And that's it!

Tharja: Not bad. But that other one doesn't seem too interested. Maybe Kiria's more his type.

Kiria: ...

Tsubasa: U-Umm... Kiria?

Kiria: ...All right. I think I've got the gist of it.

>Kiria is now able to use the skill "Seducing Pose" during this battle!

Kiria: I will master the art of cuteness...! All right, you doll things... Here I come!

>When Kiria uses the skill:

Tharja: Got him in one. Pretty good. Oh, I'd suggest destroying them while they're still... ugh... distracted.

Kiria: Yes, we'll finish this now!

Cord: Hey! You! Yeah, you, all cool an' calm!

Kiria: ...

Cord: Damn, girl, you're pretty hot!

>It looks as though he prefers Kiria...

Bord: Hey! You! With the big puppy eyes!

Tsubasa: Y-Yes!?

Bord: Damn, girl, you're pretty cute!

>It looks as though he prefers Tsubasa...

>After the battle ends:

Tsubasa: We did it!

Itsuki: How was it, Kiria? Were you able to figure it out?

Kiria: ...YEah. Thanks to you both, I think I understand what "cuteness" is about. Facing and doing everything you can with all your heart... your mind... and your will. That's the secret to Tsubasa's cuteness. But even if I were to mimic this, it would only be an imitation... That's why I'm going to use what I learned from Tsubasa and create my own style! Cool... and cute! That is the new Kiria! That's my new style!

>Kiria learns a new Performa: The New Me!

Tsubasa: Kiria's shine is so beautiful...

Itsuki: You did it, Kiria.

Kiria: Thanks, you two. Now then, let's head back to the studio and continue our lesson.

Tharja's Voice: *Sigh* My Master is such a handful...

Caeda: You need to reflect upon what you did.

The player will receive a new Topic from Tiki. It goes as follows:

Tiki: Looks like a new Perfomra was born from Kiria!

Tiki: I'm curious to see what'll happen when we perform a Unity on it... Anyway, I'll bw waiting at the Bloom Palace!

Tiki: Tmsfe-sticker 19.png

Bloom Palace

>Kiria unlocks the new Radiant Skill: Door of Reincarnation:

Tharja: Kiria... I thought the people in this world were oblivious and carefree. Honestly, I only saw performing arts as a game. ...But I was wrong. Watching you, I learned that expressing yourself is a kind of battle, too---one that puts your life and existence on the line. And at the end of that battle, you found new identity...

Kiria: Tharja... I was able to change because I had you. You're the best partner I could ever have.

Tharja: ...! ...Heh...! Eheh heh heh heh! Heh heh heh heh heh heh! The best... partner!

Kiria: Wh-What is it?

Tharja: ...It's nothing. I just got a little... excited...

Kiria: Anyway, I'm thankful for everything you've done.

Tharja: ...That goes for Itsuki too? Or is he making you feel a little more than gratitude...?

Kiria: Wha--- What're you saying? It's... It's not like that.

Tharja: Looks like you've still got a long way to go for this battle... But it's okay. We can share all our secrets later. Don't worry. I won't let my partner lose to any other women. Heh heh heh...

Kiria: You moron.

A cinematic occurs on the screen where Tsubasa and Kiria are performing on screen.

Tsubasa: Thank you for everything!

Dressing Room

Kiria: ...

Tsubasa: Huh...? Is something wrong, Kiria?

The player is given three options on how to respond:

  • Kiria?
  • Is it another fit...!?
  • Was it not fun?

If the player chose option 1:

Itsuki: Kiria?

Kiria: ...Was...

Tsubasa: Huh?

Kiria: It was so much fun!

Tsubasa: ...It was!

Maiko's Voice: Kiria, Tsubasa! Sorry to bug you when you're tired, but can I borrow you two for a moment!?

Tsubasa: Oh, be right there! Let's go, Kiria!

Kiria: Yeah.

If the player chose option 2:


If the player chose option 3:

Itsuki: Oh no... Was it not fun?

Kiria: ...Was...

Tsubasa: Huh?

Kiria: It was so much fun!

Tsubasa: ...It was!

Maiko's Voice: Kiria, Tsubasa! Sorry to bug you when you're tired, but can I borrow you two for a moment!?

Tsubasa: Oh, be right there! Let's go, Kiria!

Kiria: Yeah.

Regardless of what the player chose:

>Tsubasa leaves.

Kiria: The reason I got this far was... because you were there to help me. So... thank you! ...What is it?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • That's so not you.
  • I think it's great.

If the player chose option 1:

Itsuki: That's so not you.

Kiria: Hehe... it's fine! This is my new "style," after all!

If the player chose option 2:

Itsuki: I think it's great. Your new "style," I mean.

Kiria: Hehe... Of course it is!

Job complete!