Requests: Chapter 6: Fire Emblem

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Request title Requested by Objective Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
The Stunted Stuntman Ayaha Oribe Find Tobita's Perfoma Fortune Office Request "Stained Steel" must be completed first Clap Track Script/Walkthrough
Mopey Model Ayaha Oribe Find Okii's Perfoma Fortune Office Request "The Stunted Stuntman" must be completed first Clap Track

Chakra Pot x3

Closing the Distance Moeka Katao Deliver a Nan-no magazine Daitama Observatory Request "Conveying My Feelings" must be completed first Mag Incense Script/Walkthrough
Lucky Spot 6 Kanae Urabe Report about your future Daiba Studio Request "Lucky Spot 5" must be completed first Kiddie Candy Script/Walkthrough
Concentration Misdirection Taneaki Tezuma Find Tezuma's suitcase Harajuku Request "Attention Misdirection" must be completed first Clap Track x3 Script/Walkthrough
Iori Can't Stop Falling in Love Souji Iori Inform Iori's lover that he loves her Cosmic Egg Request "Iori's in Love Again" must be completed first Def Incense x2 Script/Walkthrough
Iori's Dream Girl Souji Iori Retieve Iori's Perfoma Shibuya Request "Iori Can't Stop Falling in Love" must be completed first Str Incense x2 /Script/Walkthrough
Conditions for a Masterpiece Movie Sadako Mirage Present an "ambition", "harmony", or a "courage" element Illusory Daiba Studio No criteria Detritus x20 Script/Walkthrough
Looming Pillar Delivery Masked Salesclerk Deliver 5 Looming Pillars Illusory Dolhr No criteria Melmark x3

Makajam Stone


Can be repeated

Flummox the Flirts Mirage (Sister) Deliver a Dark Knight Force, a Titan Force, and a Parasite Force Illusory Dolhr Request "Grapple the Groupies" must be completed first Treasure Key Script/Walkthrough

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