Requests: Chapter 5: True Colors

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Request title Requested by Objective Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
Lucky Spot 5 Kanae Urabe Report about your future Shibuya Request "Lucky Spot 4" must be completed first Kiddie Candy Script/Walkthrough
Shibuya Elixir Cafe Staff Deliver 3 Soma Droplets Shibuya Request "Shibuya Remedy" must be completed first Melmark Script/Walkthrough

Once the request has been completed, Café Seiren will have a new item in their menu: Moon Raga.

The Glare of the Spotlight Ayaha Oribe Find Kuzu's Perfoma Fortuna Office Request "Funny Business" must be completed first Clap Track Script/Walkthrough
Stained Steel Ayaha Oribe Find Manai's Perfoma Fortuna Office Request "The Glare of the Spotlight" must be completed first Clap Track Script/Walkthrough
Dating Disaster Hayato Find Momoko, Hayato's date Daitou TV Station Request "Dating Difficulties" must be completed first Detritus x10 Script/Walkthrough
Iori's in Love Again Souji Iori Inform Iori's lover that he loves her Daiba Studio Request "Iori in Love" must be completed first Speed Incense x2 Script/Walkthrough
Moe Medical Kit Upset Producer Purchase a Soothing Pack for the producer Daiba Studio No criteria Ge Face Roller Script/Walkthrough