Requests: Chapter 3: The Next Generation

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Request title Requested by Objective Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
Iori in Love Souji Iori Inform Iori's saviour that he loves her Shibuya No criteria Mag Incense x2 Script/Walkthrough
Dating Difficulties Hayato Find Momoko, Hayato's date Shibuya No criteria Detritus x10 Script/Walkthrough
Voice of the People Female Staff Delivery two Energy Drinks and two Fresh Spicy Currys Harajuku No criteria Melmark Script/Walkthrough

After completing the request, Crepe Dia will have a new menu item: Biovitahydroxy Crepe

The Tongue-Tied Gourmet Ayaha Oribe Find Himemaro's Perfoma Fortuna Office Request "Writer's Block" must be completed first Clap Track Script/Walkthrough
Funny Business Ayaha Oribe Find Aniki's Perfoma Fortuna Office Request "The Tongue-tied Gourmet" must be completed first Clap Track Script/Walkthrough
Lucky Spot 3 Kanae Urabe Report about your future Toubo Rooftop Request "Lucky Spot 2" must be completed first Kiddie Candy Script/Walkthrough
Ditch the Deadbeats Mirage (Sister) Deliver an Inferno Force, a Blackscale Force, and a Knight Force Illusory Daitou TV Request "Pummel the Pests" must be completed first Treasure Key Script/Walkthrough
Femme's Horn Delivery Masked Salesclerk Deliver 5 Femme's Horns Illusory Daitou TV No criteria Melmark x2

Dekaja Stone


Can be repeated

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