Requests: Chapter 2: Head over Heels for Her

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Request title Requested by Objective Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
Coloring Book Hero Reliable Girl Deliver a magazine Toubo Rooftop No criteria Colored Pencil Script/Walkthrough
The Voiceless Voice Actress Ayaha Oribe Find Anigoe's Perfoma Fortuna Office No criteria Clap Track Script/Walkthrough
Writer's Block Ayaha Oribe Find Torama's Perfoma Fortuna Office Request "The Voiceless Voice Actress" must be completed first Clap Track Script/Walkthrough
Pummel the Pests Mirage (Sister) Deliver a Shaman Force, a Skellington Force, and an Archer Force Illusory Shibuya Request "Repel the Rejects" must be completed first Treasure Key Script/Walkthrough
Shibuya Remedy Cafe Staff Deliver three Maca Leaves Shibuya No criteria Melmark Script/Walkthrough

After completing the request, Café Seiren will havea new menu item: Herban Legends Tea.

Good Luck Charm Arrogant Man Find the man's lucky charm Shibuya No criteria Glass Catseye Script/Walkthrough
Conveying My Feelings Moeka Katao Give Katao a "Feel" CD Daitama Observatory No criteria Mag Increase Script/Walkthrough
Lucky Spot 2 Kanae Urabe Report about your future Harajuku Request "Lucky Spot 1" must be completed first Kiddie Candy Script/Walkthrough
A Chic Job Hunt Itta Arima Find a job advert Shibuya No criteria Melmark x2 Script/Walkthrough
Slick Skull Delivery Masked Salesclerk Deliver 5 Slick Skulls Illusory Daitama No criteria Melmark

Repel Water


Can be repeated

Coarse Mane Delivery Masked Salesclerk Deliver 5 Coarse Manes Illusory 106 No criteria Melmark

Fasterine S


Can be repeated

Everburn Cloth Delivery Masked Salesclerk Deliver 5 Everburn Cloths Illusory Shibuya No criteria Melmark x2

Maragi Stone


Can be repeated

Arena Staff on Hire Receptionist Mirage Recruit various Mirage NPCs Urahara Arena No criteria Master Seal Script/Walkthrough

This is a quest that will span over the entire game.

Path of the Strong Nieg Rescue Nieg Illusory Daitama Trade with Nieg 12 times Lck Incense Script/Walkthrough

Nieg will grant Itsuki the "Deft Hands" Perfoma, which is used in order to gain the Radiant Unity "Locktouch", which allows players to open chests without the use of a treasure key