Lances (Warriors)

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Basic Weapons

Image Name Rank ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Bronze Lance (FEW).png Bronze Lance E 10 11 12 13 14 15
Iron Lance (FEW).png Iron Lance D 20 22 24 26 28 30
Steel Lance (FEW).png Steel Lance C 40 44 48 52 56 60
Silver Lance (FEW).png Silver Lance B 80 88 96 104 122 120
Brave Lance (FEW).png Brave Lance A 160 176 192 208 224 240
Hero Lance (FEW).png Hero Lance S 480 528 576 624 672 720


  • Brave Lance is unlocked by beating Noble Lady of Caelin (Pincer Escape Lv. 50)
  • Hero Lance is unlocked with update Ver 1.3.0

Personal Weapons

Image Weapon's User Weapon's Name Might Innate How To Unlock
Hinoka's Spear (FEW).png Hinoka Hinoka's Spear 35 → 240 → 720 None End of Chapter 6
Cordelia's Lance (FEW).png Cordelia Cordelia's Lance 80 → 240 → 720 None Caravan Dancer
(Targeted Elimination Lv. 51)
Wing Spear (FEW).png Caeda Wing Spear 80 → 240 → 720 Rampager A Brush in the Teeth
(Villager Rescue Lv. 31)
Blessed Lance (FEW).png Azura Blessed Lance 160 → 240 → 720 Beastslayer Fates DLC Pack
Oboro's Spear (FEW).png Oboro Oboro's Spear 80 → 240 → 720 None Land of Gods
(Ally Rescue Lv. 32)


  • All weapons, in this section, are Rank E.
  • Weapon strength increases to 240 once the locked skill "True Power" is unlocked.
  • Weapon strength can be increased further to 720 once the skill "Divine Favor" is unlocked.

Attribute Weapons

Name Rank Might Effects/Notes Unlock
Heavy Spear E 32 Unlocks Plateslayer for Lances Unlock Caeda (Beat Chapter 14)
Horseslayer D 24 Unlocks Mountslayer for Lances Beat Chapter 9
Flycatcher D 16 Unlocks Wingslayer for Lances The Path is Yours (Targeted Elimination Lv.12)
Dragonpike D 24 Unlocks Dracoslayer for Lances Chapter 7 Chest
Blessed Lance C 45 Unlocks Beastslayer for Lances The Dark Pontifex (Pincer Escape Lv.23)
Conduit Lance C 104 Unlocks Topsy-Turvy for Lances Together to the End (Rendezvous Disruption Lv.50)
Axereaver C 96 Unlocks Antitriangle for Lances Noble Lady of Caelin (Shadow Elimination Lv. 41)
Armorbane Lance D 20 Unlocks Armor Strike for Lances Hero Challenge (Fort Defense Lv. 31)
Swordbane Lance D 26 Unlocks Swordbreaker for Lances Grief (Arena Lv. 27)
Lancebane Lance C 60 Unlocks Lancebreaker for Lances Land of Gods (Recruitment Battle Lv. 45)
Axebane Lance C 60 Unlocks Axebreaker for Lances Cold Reception (Shadow Elimination Lv. 53)
Bowbane Lance C 52 Unlocks Bowbreaker for Lances Grief (Arena Lv. 35)
Tomebane Lance C 60 Unlocks Tomebreaker for Lances Cold Reception (Recruitment Battle Lv. 42)
Dragonbane Lance C 60 Unlocks Stonebreaker for Lances Land of Gods (Gold Rush Lv. 69)
Clawbane Lance C 60 Unlocks Clawbreaker for Lances Land of Gods (Rendezvous Disruption Lv. 62)
Genpeer Lance C 60 Unlocks Genpeer for Lances Princess Minerva (Fort Siege Lv. 53)
Gencross Lance C 60 Unlocks Gencross for Lances A Brush in the Teeth (Arena Lv. 58)
Statflip Lance C 60 Unlocks Statflip for Lances Knorda Market (Targeted Elimination Lv. 79)
Bolster Lance C 60 Unlocks Bolster for Lances Emmeryn (Arena Lv. 37)
Acceleration Lance C 60 Unlocks Acceleration for Lances Caravan Dancer (Rendezvous Disruption Lv. 89)
Amped Lance C 60 Unlocks Amped for Lances Caravan Dancer (Ally Rescue Lv. 68)
Legendary Lance E 480 Unlocks Legendary for Lances Scion of Legend (Targeted Elimination Lv. 113)


  • Weapons with a ___-Slayer attribute in one of their 6 normal slots receive a 20% reduction in Might.
    • This reduction is shown by the Might value being red.
    • This reduction is ignored by the True Power attribute.
  • Conduit Lance has the Might of a B ranked weapon despite being ranked a C weapon.

Special Weapon

Name Rank Might Effects/Notes Unlock
Elite Lance A 167 (Slayers)
208 (No Slayers)
Comes pre-equipped with Attributes:
Draco, Wing, Strong VI, Healer, Awakening Gift, & Pair Up+
Hero Challenge
(Rendezvous Disruption Lv. 80)