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"A hero from the world of Fire Emblem Fates. She's Takumi’s loyal retainer and an expert seamstress and tailor. This fashionista harbors a fleeting love for her liege, Takumi, as well as intense hatred for Norians. She can't help but sneer at the mere presence of a Norian. Oboro’s spear allows her to keep her distance from enemies, while her strong attack creates a whirlwind capable of drawing enemies in and leveling them."
Alliances Class Promotion Weapon Type Personal Weapon Recruit English VA Japanese VA
Hoshido Spear Fighter Spear Master Lance Oboro's Spear Fates DLC Marisha Ray Nozomi Sasaki


Promotion Gains

HP Str Mag Def Res Skl Sp Lck
97 21 4 24 15 24 24 20

Level 99 Stats

Surge Crest HP Str Mag Def Res Skl Spd Lck Mov
No 609 66 15 76 49 75 77 65 5
Yes 706 87 19 100 64 99 101 85 5

Level 110 Stats

Surge Crest HP Str Mag Def Res Skl Spd Lck Mov
No 670 73 17 84 54 83 85 71 5
Yes 767 94 21 108 69 107 109 91 5

Level 130 Stats

Surge Crest HP Str Mag Def Res Skl Spd Lck Mov
No 780 85 19 97 63 96 99 83 5
Yes 877 106 23 121 78 120 123 103 5

Level 150 Stats

Surge Crest HP Str Mag Def Res Skl Spd Lck Mov
No 890 97 22 111 72 110 113 95 5
Yes 987 118 26 135 87 134 137 115 5


Strong Attack I

Oboro spins her spear above herself making a tornado that that draws in and damages enemies.

Strong Attack II

Oboro will jump backwards while doing an upwards slash that leaves a slight crater in the ground.

Strong Attack III

Oboro moves forward spin-swinging her spear to the left three times.

Strong Attack IV

Oboro swings her spear diagonally right, then left, then upward, then moves back and thrusts her spear forward.

Strong Attack V

Oboro spins her spear at her side, then above herself, then jumps into a sideways spin shredding enemies, then slams her spear down.

Strong Attack VI

Oboro jumps into the air and jabs her spear down rapidly, then comes down swinging her spear.

Warrior Special

Oboro wildly swings her spear in front of her, hitting enemies all around here. Then spins her spear in a circular fashion forming a tornado, sucking in all of the hit enemies. Then imbues her spear with a wind elemental and swings it hard, knocking away enemies.


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