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C Support

Beruka: Damn bloodstain...

Xander: Hello, Beruka.

Beruka: Why won't you come off?

Xander: Beruka, did you hear me?

Beruka: Lord Xander. Hello.

Xander: You seem quite focused on cleaning your weapon. Something troubling you?

Beruka: Do you need something, milord?

Xander: No, nothing important. I just sometimes enjoy conversing with my allies.

Beruka: Really. Well, you should be more careful when approaching an armed soldier.

Xander: Excuse me? What do you mean by that?

Beruka: Just that someone in your position must have numerous enemies. You can't afford to relax your guard.

Xander: But we are in camp—are you saying that I'm in danger, even when surrounded by allies?

Beruka: I don't want to go into detail. I apologize if I sound cryptic. Just know that there are words in this world that, once said, would change all.

Xander: I still don't understand what you mean.

Beruka: I'm sorry, Lord Xander. I can say no more.

Xander: Hmm...

B Support

Xander: Beruka, I believe I have determined what you were trying to tell me the other day.

Beruka: Indeed, milord?

Xander: Someone has hired you to assassinate me, haven't they?

Beruka: You know that I cannot disclose anything about my contracts.

Xander: But I am correct, am I not?

Beruka: *sigh* How did you know?

Xander: I didn't, until just now. But I had a feeling. Who gave the order?

Beruka: I can't say.

Xander: Why haven't you attempted to kill me yet? I assume that once assassins have a target, they move without hesitation. Even if they know the person. You more than most. Didn't you accept a contract to kill your old teacher?

Beruka: Perhaps I am still planning.

Xander: I am here, right now. If you are going to try and kill me, let's get it over with.

Beruka: M-milord?!

Xander: Why are you hesitating? Is the great assassin Beruka so easily intimidated? I can understand why, of course. Cross blades with me, and you'll surely lose. Despite your skill, I simply won't allow myself to lose—for the good of Nohr. When it comes to defending my kingdom, I won't let anything stop me.

Beruka: I do not doubt your dedication, milord.

Xander: Is that why you still do not strike, then? Perhaps you prefer sticking to the shadows until the moment is right. That's fine. There is no advantage in the world that will ensure your victory.

Beruka: ...

A Support

Beruka: Lord Xander...

Xander: Has the time finally come, Beruka?

Beruka: It has not, milord. I am here to give you a report.

Xander: Very well. What is it?

Beruka: I have information about the demise of the man who wanted you dead.

Xander: Demise? You said nothing of the person being dead when last we spoke.

Beruka: That is because I had not yet killed him.

Xander: I do not understand.

Beruka: I saw the conviction in your eyes last time we spoke. I hadn't ever seen what it looks like when someone carries the weight of a kingdom. But when you spoke, I could see that you would do anything to protect Nohr. No amount of money could compete with that determination.

Xander: Pathetic. You tucked your tail once you saw strength and then killed your employer to save face.

Beruka: You are incorrect, milord. I am Lady Camilla's retainer now, and I will continue to serve her faithfully. If I had killed you, it would have hurt Lady Camilla badly. When I confronted my potential employer and said as much, he attacked me. His death was an act of self-defense, not betrayal. I never accepted his contract.

Xander: Which means...you did not go back on your word.

Beruka: Correct, milord. However, after today I will resign from this army.

Xander: Why, Beruka?

Beruka: Because, for a time, I did consider taking that contract. You shouldn't have someone like me fighting by your side.

Xander: No. I do not accept your resignation. Despite being tempted, you remained loyal to my sister, and thus to me. If I banished everyone who so much as considered dishonorable actions... Well, I imagine Nohr would be a rather empty kingdom. Compassion is important for he who would see himself as king one day.

Beruka: I think I understand, milord.

Xander: Good. I will be counting on you in the coming battles, Beruka.

Beruka: Thank you, Lord Xander. I will continue to faithfully serve the kingdom of Nohr. Not just for Camilla...but also for you.

S Support

Xander: Beruka, I have had trouble tracking you down since our last conversation.

Beruka: I did not want to remind you of my near betrayal, milord.

Xander: I understand, but I must tell you... Your absence has wounded me more than those events ever could have.

Beruka: I...don't understand.

Xander: Beruka, will you marry me? I have procured this ring as proof of my commitment to you.

Beruka: Milord, I...I'm so happy to hear those words from you. But...is someone like me, an assassin, truly a worthy queen of Nohr?

Xander: Of course. In fact, you are the perfect fit. Nohr needs a queen who is familiar with the dark side of life, not just the light. So tell me, Beruka—what do you say? I eagerly await your answer...

Beruka: I don't know what to say, milord. I have the strangest sensation. It's like how I felt after my first kill. My heart is racing, and I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach. I have but one question, Lord Xander. If you had to kill me in order to save Nohr, would you do it?

Xander: ... I would, yes. Though it would haunt me until my dying day.

Beruka: Good. I don't want to come between you and your kingdom. I will gladly accept your marriage proposal.

Xander: You've made me so happy, Beruka. I'm sorry if this seems sudden, but you've always been so guarded about yourself... If possible, I'd love to see where you grew up.

Beruka: You want to see the slums? Are you sure? It's a dangerous, unsavory place...

Xander: I know, but I want to learn everything about you—about what made you who you are. I want to share in your sorrows as well as your joys, if you'll allow me.

Beruka: Xander... It would be my great joy to share that with you. Thank you...my love.