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List of Characters
Fates Avatar m map.pngAvatar (M) Fates Avatar f map.pngAvatar (F) Gunter map.pngGunter Felicia map.pngFelicia Jakob map.pngJakob Rinkah map.pngRinkah Kaze map.pngKaze Sakura map.pngSakura Azura map.pngAzura
Hana map.pngHana Subaki map.pngSubaki Silas map.pngSilas Saizo map.pngSaizo Orochi map.pngOrochi Hinoka map.pngHinoka Azama map.pngAzama Setsuna map.pngSetsuna Hayato map.pngHayato
Oboro map.pngOboro Hinata map.pngHinata Takumi map.pngTakumi Kagero map.pngKagero Reina map.pngReina Kaden map.pngKaden Ryoma map.pngRyoma Scarlet map.pngScarlet Shura map.pngShura
Elise map.pngElise Arthur map.pngArthur Effie map.pngEffie Odin map.pngOdin Niles map.pngNiles Nyx map.pngNyx Camilla map.pngCamilla Selena map.pngSelena Beruka map.pngBeruka
Laslow map.pngLaslow Peri map.pngPeri Benny map.pngBenny Charlotte map.pngCharlotte Leo map.pngLeo Keaton map.pngKeaton Xander map.pngXander Izana map.pngIzana Fuga map.pngFuga
Yukimura map.pngYukimura Flora map.pngFlora Mozu map.pngMozu Kanna m map.pngKana (M) Kanna f map.pngKana (F) Shigure map.pngShigure Dwyer map.pngDwyer Sophie map.pngSophie Midori map.pngMidori
Shiro map.pngShiro Kiragi map.pngKiragi Asugi map.pngAsugi Selkie map.pngSelkie Hisame map.pngHisame Mitama map.pngMitama Caeldori map.pngCaeldori Rhajat map.pngRhajat Siegbert map.pngSiegbert
Forrest map.pngForrest Ignatius map.pngIgnatius Velouria map.pngVelouria Percy map.pngPercy Ophelia map.pngOphelia Soleil map.pngSoleil Nina map.pngNina Fates Anna map.pngAnna -

Notes for editors

  • To change the character list, please edit Template:FEFSupport
  • To edit the character/support lists, please go to Fates Templates.
  • The priority of characters in the page names goes: Avatar(M) > Male > Avatar(F) > Female > Children
    • In the case of same genders, the character who appears earlier on this page goes first.
    • This is just a guideline though; if necessary, redirects can be created for the other order.