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C Support

Takumi: All right. I've got enough supplies, and I warmed up with target practice earlier. I'm ready to set off to hunt! With the traps I set up in the forest yesterday, all I have to do is guide my prey.

Takumi: Phew... OK, I've lured that deer most of the way to the trap. Just a bit farther... What the...

Setsuna: Good morning, Lord Takumi...

Takumi: Setsuna?! What are you doing in that trap?!

Setsuna: Oooh, I seem to have gotten stuck...

Takumi: Yes, I can see that! Ah, damn it. The deer got spooked when I yelled. I almost had it...

Setsuna: No need to worry; the trap is occupied anyway...

Takumi: Yes, but it's occupied by you! You're the one that triggered it!

Setsuna: Please, milord, there is no need to heap praise on me.

Takumi: None of this is praise! I don't even know what to say... Look, you can release the trap right...here.

Setsuna: Ah, thank you... That trap was actually pretty comfortable. It was snug and dark. Easy to relax in...

Takumi: It's that way so that the prey doesn't struggle, not so you can relax!

Setsuna: But it's so nice... I was just starting to doze off when you came around...

Takumi: That explains your "good morning," at least. Either way, you need to stop falling into my hunting traps. An ally isn't much help if he or she keeps me from gathering food for the camp.

Setsuna: Oh yes, I agree completely. Who would do such a thing?

Takumi: What? You did it! I'm talking about you!

B Support

Takumi: OK, I just need to loop around this boar and gently guide him toward my trap... Just over this hill... Go on, big boar, keep walking that way... Nearly there, just... Oh for the love of...

Setsuna: Zzzz... Zzzzz... *snore* Zzzz... Zzzz... Hmm? Oh, Lord Takumi. Is it morning already? What's the matter? You look a bit surprised to see me here. Ah, now I see what all that ruckus was about. Look at that boar just charging off to the mountains!

Takumi: You...you... Arrrrrggggg!!

Setsuna: Hehe. I didn't realize you'd be so excited to see me here!

Takumi: That is not what I mean at all! How did you get caught in my trap again? I needed that to catch my prey.

Setsuna: Oh, was the boar I just saw an animal you were trying to catch?

Takumi: Yes!

Setsuna: But... What's the problem? You can still go out and catch it. So long as it's in the forest, it's still catchable...

Takumi: I know what you're trying to say, but I still can't believe you got caught again. What are you even doing out here?

Setsuna: Oh, I came because I wanted to hunt with you, milord. You're incredibly skilled with your bow. I was hoping you would teach me...

Takumi: R-really? Why didn't you say so before coming out here, then? If you'd come with me instead, you wouldn't have gotten caught in my trap!

Setsuna: Oh. That is a very good idea, Lord Takumi.

Takumi: How does my sister put up with you... OK. Next time I go hunting, I'll be sure to invite you along. Just...don't go into the forest by yourself.

A Support

Takumi: Where could she have gone? Setsuna wanted to come with, but now I can't find her anywhere. Forget it, I don't have time to hunt her down and then hunt for food. Oh no, could it be... Perhaps she's already gotten herself stuck in a trap? I'll check them before I guide any animals toward them, just to be sure.

(Takumi leaves)

Takumi: Interesting... It doesn't look like she was caught in any of my traps today. So where did she get to?

Setsuna: Ah, hello, Lord Takumi.

Takumi: Setsuna! Where have you been? I've been looking— What is that you have in your hands?

Setsuna: Oh, this is deer and boar meat. I started hunting early.

Takumi: Weren't we going to hunt together? Why did you start without me?

Setsuna: I was just so excited to hunt with you, I wasn't able to get to sleep last night. Instead, I've been waiting out here... I was going to wait until you arrived, but then this deer and boar ran by. I couldn't just let them get away; not when it was so easy...

Takumi: Ugh... So you went, even though I asked you not to wander around alone anymore. I suppose I should be happy that you didn't get caught in a trap this time, at least. You're so unpredictable...

Setsuna: Thank you.

Takumi: That's not a compliment! I appreciate you were excited to hunt with me, though... It looks like you've caught enough for today. We'll go together, next time.

Setsuna: OK. I'll be sure to arrive well ahead of time!

Takumi: No! Just show up on time!

S Support

Takumi: OK, Setsuna. Look right there. There's a hole, so be careful. I don't want to have to pull you out again.

Setsuna: Oh, I see it now.

Takumi: Also, watch out for that spiderweb. You must be more aware of your surroundings.

Setsuna: OK. I'll just step around the web and— Ah!

Takumi: *sigh* You forgot about the hole after I pointed out the spiderweb, didn't you? It doesn't help that it's really slick out here after that heavy rain yesterday.

Setsuna: This is hard... I don't know if I should be watching where I step or where I go...

Takumi: Both! You need to watch both. I guess that may be too much for you, though... I thought the rain would make this easier... The animals are all out scavenging, and the humidity makes it tough for them to smell. But clearly we have no advantage now.

Setsuna: Still, I'm glad to be out here with you, Lord Takumi. I'm glad to spend time with you.

Takumi: Excuse me?

Setsuna: It just seems... Well, that I like you. A lot. I was hoping that I could win you over by trying to improve the things you hate.

Takumi: How hard did you fall back there, Setsuna?

Setsuna: Not all that hard. You don't need to worry about me.

Takumi: That's not what I...

Setsuna: That's why I like you. You're so kind. And you're such a great hunter. I...I just think you're generally incredible.

Takumi: I...don't really know what to say. I didn't realize you could have feelings like that...

Setsuna: That's not very nice, Lord Takumi...

Takumi: Haha, I'm sorry. So, you really do like me?

Setsuna: Yes...

Takumi: Well then, I wasn't going to say anything... But the feeling is mutual, Setsuna.

Setsuna: Truly? Then...we can be together?

Takumi: Yes, of course. I've found that you've really grown on me. Despite how much trouble you seem to have with fairly simple things...

Setsuna: Heehee. I'm very happy to hear you say that...

Takumi: Oh, but we'll definitely have to tell Hinoka. That way she won't have to worry about you as much anymore.

Setsuna: She will still be my liege though, right?

Takumi: Of course, but that doesn't mean we can't be special to each other.

Setsuna: Right!