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C Support

Selena: Where could it have gone? I know that I dropped it somewhere around here... That ring is the only keepsake that I still have from my mother. Oh gods, please let me find it.

Subaki: Hello there. Were you looking for this?

Selena: Yes! Thank goodness! That's my ring. What a relief.

Subaki: I'm glad that I could assist you.

Selena: Your face looks familiar. Wait! Are you...

Subaki: Yes?

Selena: You're Hoshido's supposedly perfect superhuman, Subaki! I've always been curious to put your legendary skills to the test.

Subaki: What are you talking about?

Selena: Back when I lived in Nohr, I heard many tall tales about your feats. People said that the Hoshidan army had a pegasus knight of considerable skill. That his every movement was the very picture of effortless grace. Oh, and they said he was a first-rate gentleman and handsome to boot. A real prodigy in every regard.

Subaki: Heh. Yes, I can say without hesitation that they were referring to me.

Selena: Did I mention that they also said you were arrogant beyond measure? How could a brash man like yourself ever tame a pegasus? Generally, they only allow the most purehearted maidens to ride them.

Subaki: What ever do you mean? Oh, you must be talking about the breed of pegasi from your country. They're considerably different from ours.

Selena: Really? Is that true?

Subaki: They're similar, but they are different breeds entirely. The pegasi of Hoshido and falicorns of Nohr don't mind men. They'll let anyone ride them, whether or not they're female. I'm surprised you didn't know that. It should be written in any basic tactical manual for new recruits.

Selena: Well how would I know that? I just got here recently. Why are you acting all high and mighty over something so trivial?

Subaki: I wasn't acting "high and mighty." I was simply stating a fact.

Selena: Whatever. Fight me, Subaki! I know that I can take you down.

Subaki: Fight you? Ha! Certainly, if you insist. I'm happy to tussle whenever you're ready. We can fight right this minute if you want.

Selena: N-no, I don't feel like it today. But trust me; I'll settle the score someday!

Subaki: Fine. I'll be looking forward to our duel.

(Subaki leaves)

Selena: Wait! Hold on a moment.

Subaki: Yes?

Selena: Wait... Umm... I just wanted to say thank you. You know, for finding my ring. Until next time, Subaki!

(Selena leaves)

Subaki: What a strange girl...

B Support

Selena: This time I'm going to win for sure. No one can beat me at cooking. It's my specialty!

Subaki: Why don't you bow out? How many times have we gone head-to-head? You've yet to win one of these competitions. You should just give up already.

Selena: Sh-shut up! I'm not focusing on the past, Subaki. Today I'm going to win! I've already prepared a brand-new special stew. You're not gonna beat me this time!

Subaki: A special stew? That's hard to believe.

Selena: Don't be so cruel! You haven't even tried any. How would you know?

Subaki: I think you already know the answer to that question. I'm brilliant!

Selena: That's what you always say.

Subaki: Selena, what's with the cuts all over your hands? How did you get them?

Selena: I-I got them from fighting, obviously.

Subaki: Wait, you don't just have cuts. It looks like you've got a number of burns as well.

Selena: They're all just battle injuries. That's all! Pay them no mind.

Subaki: A likely story... If I had to guess, I'd say that the cuts are from slicing vegetables.

Selena: N-no they're not!

Subaki: And you probably burned yourself by grabbing the pot without looking.

Selena: Grrr... Fine! I admit it! You're right about everything!

Subaki: Ha! I knew it. My powers of observation are second to none.

Selena: Who cares if I made a few mistakes? Not everyone can be perfect like you!

Subaki: Selena, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Selena: How could you ever understand my feelings? You can't relate to anyone when you're trying to show everyone up! I'm leaving!

(Selena leaves)

Subaki: Selena, come back!

A Support

Subaki: Hey, Selena... I've been looking all over for you.

Selena: Oh? Subaki? Are you OK? Geez, you look exhausted.

Subaki: Well I haven't slept much lately. I've been working on this.

Selena: What's in that pot you're holding?

Subaki: It's my attempt to make the stew from yesterday. I thought I would give your recipe a try. But the truth is... I failed completely. It tastes and smells like spoiled cabbage.

Selena: But... That's impossible. I thought you never made any mistakes?

Subaki: The truth is, I hate to let anyone see me make a mistake. Even with great amounts of practice, I still can't be an expert at everything.

Selena: Subaki, you mean...

Subaki: I'm not flawless, and I'm certainly not a genius... I just work hard and practice so that people will think that I'm perfect.

Selena: Wow... Haha... Ahahahahahaha!

Subaki: Hey, hold on! It's not very nice of you to laugh right in my face. I'm trying to open up. Wait... Are you crying?

Selena: I'm s-sorry. It's just that talking to you reminds me of my mother. She passed away some time ago, but like you, she was extraordinarily gifted. Everyone in town called her brilliant.

Subaki: I see...

Selena: People have compared me to her, ever since I was little... She was my role model, so I worked as hard as I could to be just like her. But no matter how many hours of effort I put in... I could never compare to her.

Subaki: Selena, don't say that.

Selena: That's why I got so competitive with you. I felt like I had to win. I wanted to prove that through hard work, I could best someone like you. But now I realize we're both the same.

Subaki: Precisely.

Selena: Hahaha... It's funny, but I feel close to you right now. And a little relieved.

Subaki: Ha, I'm right there with you!

Selena: It's wonderful to realize we're really on the same playing field. Next time, I won't hold back on you, Subaki! You better be prepared. I'm going to beat you during our next competition!

Subaki: Hahaha... In terms of sheer determination, I think you're already the champion.

S Support

Selena: The big day is finally here! We will finally see who is the true accessory-crafting master!

Subaki: I suppose we will...

Selena: Hey, what's wrong? You seem tired again. Do you dislike what you made? Whatever. I'll show you my piece first! Ta-daaaaaaa! Feast your eyes on this! I made a gorgeous ring! Do you like the gem in it? It's pretty amazing, don't you think? I worked super hard on the design!

Subaki: It's very well crafted...

Selena: Quit acting so meek. What's wrong with you?

Subaki: *sigh*

Selena: Well since you're barely responding, is it fair to say that I'm the winner?

Subaki: I know you want to be considered some sort of supreme genius, Selena. But who do you actually want to recognize your hard work?

Selena: Huh? Well now that you mention it...I'm not really sure.

Subaki: It seems like more than anything, you want your mother to recognize you. But she's not here to give you that validation. I don't know if it matters, but I think you're remarkable.

Selena: Huh? What do you mean?

Subaki: You're a hard worker, and you're constantly striving to improve yourself. We're so similar... I think we would make an amazing couple.

Selena: Subaki, I don't know what to say...

Subaki: I really like you, Selena. Will you take this?

Selena: This is nearly identical to my mother's ring, but with a few subtle differences. You made this?

Subaki: I remembered it from when I found her ring out in the field. It was quite distinctive. I stayed up all night trying my hardest to perfect it. I hope it's to your liking.

Selena: Oh my...

Subaki: Please, will you wear it? I made it to symbolize my feelings for you.

Selena: I'm speechless, Subaki. You went through all this effort just to please me.

Subaki: What do you think?

Selena: It's gorgeous! I'm honestly quite touched.

Subaki: I don't suppose that you might like me too. If not, I understand...

Selena: I-I have feelings for you too. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. I will wear your ring.

Subaki: Thank you, Selena! I couldn't be happier!

Selena: Ha, I just realized something... It's almost like I'm admitting defeat in our competition by taking this ring. It's a bit frustrating! Maybe I should try to break this competitive streak.

Subaki: I have an idea! You could try and make a ring even more handsome than this one. Then you could give it to me!

Selena: Haha. Challenge accepted!