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C Support

Subaki: *yawn* If I didn't know better, I'd think I was sleepy...

Sakura: Subaki, did you just say you were tired...?

Subaki: Ah! L-Lady Sakura...! Of course not! I said nothing of the sort.

Sakura: Oh, I must have misheard. I've never heard you complain before...

Subaki: Well, I've never felt fatigue before... I doubt I would recognize it.

Sakura: Subaki, when's the last time you got some sleep? Now that I think about it... You were in that epic battle yesterday. We barely scraped by, and then... Right after that, you attended the strategy meeting, didn't you? And I heard you're commanding the rear troops and organizing all of the supplies...

Subaki: That is all true...but as you know, for me, it's a piece of cake!

Sakura: I'm not doubting your skills, but please... don't run yourself into the ground, OK?

Subaki: That would be impossible!

Sakura: I know how hard you work to make it look easy. You don't have to pretend with me.

Subaki: Shhh! L-Lady Sakura...don't speak another word!

Sakura: B-but...!

Subaki: I just remembered some supplies I need to attend to. Excuse me...

(Subaki leaves)

Sakura: Subaki...!

B Support

Subaki: *sigh* This is terrible!

Sakura: Subaki, what are you reading there? It has you so tense, you're wrinkling the pages!

Subaki: L-Lady Sakura! Th-this? It's...nothing... *sigh* There's no use trying to hide it... The rumor will spread soon anyway.

Sakura: What rumor?

Subaki: I accidentally doubled our weapons order. See? Right here. It should say 10.

Sakura: Haha! Is that all? That's OK. It's better to have more weapons than not enough!

Subaki: Only an idiot could mess up something so...basic! This is devastating. My perfect record has a blot in it now. I'm finished!

Sakura: Now, Subaki...I can think of a few slipups you've recovered from in the past...

Subaki: I keep hoping you'll forget that...uh... incident.

Sakura: How could I forget your arrival at the castle? You were so splendid! ...And then you fell off of your pegasus... right in front of Hana and me? It was endearing...

Subaki: More like embarrassing. You shouldn't delight in other people's misfortunes...

Sakura: I-I'm sorry...! At least I didn't laugh like Hana...

Subaki: Well, don't get your hopes up. I will never repeat a mistake like that again.

Sakura: Subaki, I'm sorry!

Subaki: A flawed soldier is worthless! I must take my leave. Excuse me...

(Subaki leaves)

Sakura: Subaki...! I think he misunderstood me...

A Support

Sakura: Subaki, I've been thinking about our conversation...

Subaki: N-not this again! Lady Sakura, please, let's leave it in the past.

Sakura: But I'm worried about you trying to be perfect all the time. No one needs that!

Subaki: Please understand. I've been destined for the castle guard since my youth. That's why my parents set the bar so high. I had to be perfect at all times. Otherwise, I would embarrass myself in front of royalty. No mistakes allowed!

Sakura: But everyone makes mistakes!

Subaki: Not me. I will not be the flaw in your reputation, Lady Sakura.

Sakura: Huh?

Subaki: Your retainers are a reflection of you. I was ashamed when I fell from the saddle. But you were gracious and forgiving. You chose me as your retainer anyway... I swore then that I would never let you down again. I would be flawless.

Sakura: But, Subaki...feeling sorry for you wasn't why I chose you.

Subaki: It wasn't?

Sakura: No. I chose you because I thought you were amazing. You were brave and strong! You were such a hard worker! That one little fall made you all the more charming.

Subaki: Really?!

Sakura: Yes! Now, please, stop torturing yourself! There's no need to try so hard!

Subaki: Lady Sakura, you accept me as I am. Thank you! It is an honor to be in your service.

Sakura: Thanks, Subaki. I depend on you!

S Support

Subaki: Lady Sakura, I would like to swear an oath to you.

Sakura: An...oath?

Subaki: Yes. Your speech the other day left quite an impression on me. It would be an honor if I might renew my vow to serve you.

Sakura: O-oh, all right. Go ahead, then.

Subaki: I was born into a family that served the Hoshidan crown for generations. My parents raised me to be a paragon of strength and skill.

Sakura: Yes...

Subaki: I thought the only way to make others happy was to perform perfectly...

Sakura: B-but you've learned that's not true, right?

Subaki: Yes. You've completely destroyed my entire belief system!

Sakura: Destroyed it?! I-I didn't mean to! But I guess you're right! I did, didn't I?

Subaki: Hahaha, it's OK. I'm extremely grateful that you did. Those values were a source of pride. I didn't think I'd forget them so easily. And yet...when I'm with you...I want to show you my perfect side... and my not-so-perfect side.

Sakura: I accept your oath and would ask one more thing of you.

Subaki: Yes! What is it? I will do anything my liege asks.

Sakura: I would be much happier if you thought of me as a woman, not a liege. I love you, Subaki. Is that wrong?

Subaki: O-of course not! As your retainer, I assumed you would always be beyond my reach. Even though I loved you, I resigned myself to be nothing more than your loyal retainer.

Sakura: So...you have feelings for me too?

Subaki: Yes! From now on, I will serve you both as my liege and the woman I love!

Sakura: Thank you. I love you too, Subaki!