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C Support

Rinkah: Good afternoon, Subaki.

Subaki: Hello, Rinkah. Did you need something?

Rinkah: I've been wanting to talk to you about the recent battle. I can't get it out of my head.

Subaki: Oh? Why's that?

Rinkah: After our enemies began to retreat, you pushed on and pursued them. You kept going for quite a distance.

Subaki: I didn't chase them that far...

Rinkah: No, you did. Even if we had attempted to follow, it would have taken a great deal of time to catch up.

Subaki: Hmm... Perhaps that's true. It's hard to recall in hindsight.

Rinkah: It seemed unnecessarily dangerous, don't you think? What would you have done if a band of archers had been waiting to ambush you?

Subaki: I took precautions before giving chase, Rinkah. It wasn't a reckless pursuit.

Rinkah: You left yourself open for attack. Even a warrior as skilled as yourself can be felled by a stray arrow.

Subaki: I strive for perfection in all things. There is no way I would overlook something so crucial. Please, don't concern yourself with my well-being. My tactics are beyond reproach.

Rinkah: Heh. How absurd. You court danger at every possible turn. But what do I care? Just do as you please!

(Rinkah leaves)

Subaki: Well that was unexpected. I wonder why she got so upset. I suppose she was simply trying to look out for me. Perhaps I should try and apologize...

B Support

Subaki: There you are, Rinkah.

Rinkah: Oh, Subaki. What brings you here?

Subaki: Well, I was thinking about our conversation the other day. I owe you an apology. All you did was express concern for my well-being. I'm sorry that I brushed you off.

Rinkah: No, it's all right. I behaved foolishly. Who am I to question your tactics?

Subaki: What I meant to say was that my view from the sky gives me an advantage. It's harder to overlook important details on the battlefield.

Rinkah: You can survey from the ground too, if you pay keen attention.

Subaki: Th-that's true. Tell me, have I upset you once again?

Rinkah: No, I'm not angry.

Subaki: That's a relief to hear. Making a sensible judgment is difficult when the right words escape you. I need to take greater caution when I'm conversing with you, Rinkah.

Rinkah: Oh, I see... You think I'm short tempered! What kind of pathetic excuse is that for an apology, Subaki?!

(Rinkah leaves)

Subaki: Wait, Rinkah! Come back! Why did I open my big mouth again?

A Support

Rinkah: Oh, Subaki.

Subaki: Rinkah... I'm sorry about before. I never meant to raise your ire.

Rinkah: I see you beat me to the punch, Subaki.

Subaki: Huh? What do you mean?

Rinkah: You're the one who deserves an apology. That's why I've been looking for you. My temper got the better of me. I'm sorry.

Subaki: Honestly, I understand why you got angry. I should have chosen my words with greater care.

Rinkah: That's not it... The truth of the matter is, that's just a touchy subject for me. I can be very temperamental. Sometimes, it can be challenging for me to make a calm judgment. For whatever reason, I've never been able to change that aspect of my personality. It's ridiculous for me to question others' opinions.

Subaki: I disagree. I've been doing a bit of reflection as well. This is hard for me to discuss... But I always aim for excellence in each and every pursuit. So to have my tactics brought into question made me flustered. I'm sorry.

Rinkah: Why don't we just call it even then?

Subaki: That sounds good. If you want to talk with me later, feel free.

Rinkah: Will do!

S Support

Subaki: Rinkah, I've been looking all over for you. Can we speak?

Rinkah: Sure, Subaki. What's on your mind?

Subaki: I've been thinking about our conversation the other day.

Rinkah: I thought we agreed to call things even. It was just a misunderstanding, right?

Subaki: Sure, that's true. But I think I understand why we kept quarreling.

Rinkah: Oh? And why is that?

Subaki: I realized that...I like you.

Rinkah: Oh, you like me. I see. Wait... WH-WHAT?

Subaki: Is it that surprising? Did I catch you off guard?

Rinkah: Are you serious? I'm shocked! But what do you mean exactly...?

Subaki: I have feelings for you. Serious feelings.

Rinkah: And how exactly did you arrive at that conclusion?

Subaki: I finally got why I always put my foot in my mouth around you. I want to say the perfect thing to try and sound impressive. But by doing that, I'm not really being true to myself. That's why I keep making you mad. What do you think, Rinkah?

Rinkah: What do you mean?

Subaki: Do you dislike me? I would understand if that's the case.

Rinkah: No, it's not that... In retrospect, I'm the one who brought up your bold battle style. Your obsession with perfection is maddening... But I think I may have liked you too, ever since we first spoke.

Subaki: So you mean...

Rinkah: We both seem to feel the same way.

Subaki: That's wonderful. You and I will be the perfect married couple, don't you think?

Rinkah: Wow, what? Why do we have to talk about getting married already? All I said was that I liked you!

Subaki: Well, it just seems like the obvious next step, right?

Rinkah: Maybe someday. But I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the next step though.

Subaki: Oh, you don't like the idea?

Rinkah: I never said that! There's just no reason to rush anything.

Subaki: You're probably right, Rinkah.

Rinkah: Regardless of what happens in the future, know that my feelings are true.

Subaki: Nothing could make me happier. I want to spend all my days with you. I'll take care of you, no matter what. I promise.

Rinkah: I'll take care of you too.