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C Support

Sophie: Avel! Where on earth did you get to now?! I've got a carrot for you if you'll come out! Be a good boy for once, Avel, please!

Velouria: ...I don't know if the horse or the master is more of a menace.

Sophie: Whoa, it's Velouria! Listen, have you seen Avel anywhere? He ran off again.

Velouria: Haven't seen him.

Sophie: Hmm...dang it...

Velouria: Why are you looking so hard? He'll come back on his own eventually.

Sophie: I can't abandon him! Especially since I just know he's causing trouble for someone, somewhere...

Velouria: Oh. Then maybe you should give him up. If I had a horse like that, I'd have gotten rid of him a long time ago.

Sophie: I could never do that!

Velouria: Why not? Isn't he making your life hell?

Sophie: Well, maybe a teensy bit, but...bad or not, he's still my partner! Anyway, see you around! I gotta find Avel before he does something REALLY bad!

(Sophie leaves)

Velouria: ...Why is she so attached to that dumb horse? I don't get it.

B Support

Sophie: Avel! Come ON, Avel! How does a horse get so good at hiding?!

Velouria: So Avel's out again, huh...?

Sophie: Velouria! You're just who I needed! Can you help me look for Avel?

Velouria: Nuh-uh. I'm not getting involved in your mess.

Sophie: But there must be SOMETHING you can do to help! Please? If you do, I'll give you my dinner!

Velouria: ...No kidding?

Sophie: Yeah! I promise!

Velouria: Three dinners. That's my price.

Sophie: Three dinners?! You're just asking for that because you know I'm desperate!

Velouria: I think it's fair, considering what you're roping me into.

Sophie: Ugh...fine... Find Avel for me, and I'll give you two WEEKS' worth of dinners!

Velouria: Ooooh... Deal!

Sophie: Great! I was thinking you could try tracking him by scent. You're supposed to have a pretty keen sense of smell, right?

Velouria: Huh. That's a better idea than I was expecting from you. Did you bring something with his scent on it?

Sophie: Well...sort of. He had all his tack on him when he ran off.

Velouria: That's fine. I only need one thing to get started. What have you got?

Sophie: Um, well...the good news is, it smells pretty strongly, so...

Velouria: ...Stop right there. You're about to ask me to smell Avel's poop.

Sophie: N-not even a little whiff?

Velouria: Absolutely not! I ought to get a week's worth of dinner just from you asking that!

Sophie: Y-you're right... Sorry, Velouria.

A Support

Sophie: *sniffle* Avel, come baaaaack...

Velouria: *sigh* Don't tell me... Your crazy horse ran off again.

Sophie: Hi, Velouria...

Velouria: Seriously, get a new horse. This one gives you nothing but grief.

Sophie: ...

Velouria: There are plenty of other fine horses in the world. We'll find a replacement in—

Sophie: No. Avel's irreplaceable... He causes no end of trouble and never listens to anything I say, but... he's my partner, and you don't give up on your partner!

Velouria: ...

Sophie: I've been with Avel too long to back a different horse now.

Velouria: Sometimes I can't tell which of you is really holding the reins...

Sophie: Ahaha...wow, harsh! What can I say? I love his wild ways.

Velouria: ...Let's go after him.

Sophie: Huh?

Velouria: He's a pain in the tailbone, but I'll help you get him back if that's what you want.

Sophie: But you hate Avel...

Velouria: Yeah, but I can't say no to a friend who needs me.

Sophie: Awww...

Velouria: Come on—let's go before I change my mind.

Sophie: Yeah! Avel left a big load of stuff for you to scent him with this morning!

Velouria: I am NOT smelling your horse's poop. That's where I draw the line.

Sophie: Haha, OK! We'll think of something else. Thanks so much, Velouria!

Velouria: Heehee... You're welcome.