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C Support

Nina: Oh, look at those cute guys wrestling... I could watch this forever.

Soleil: Oh, look at those cute girls sparring... I could watch this forever.

Nina: Soleil?

Soleil: Nina?

Nina: What are you doing here?

Soleil: Heh, you caught me. I was checking out those girls over there.

Nina: Oh. That's weird.

Soleil: Oh yeah? Well, what are YOU doing? Weren't you checking out those guys?

Nina: So?!

Soleil: Looks like we're even. Though the show I was watching was far more interesting.

Nina: How can you say that? Look at those guys! What if they accidentally kissed? Hnnngg...


Nina: Gah! Why did you shout that? Now they DEFINITELY heard us. See? They're leaving.

Soleil: Oh great, now the girls are leaving too.

Nina: You know what I'd like? If YOU went away and left me alone!

Soleil: Same to you, lady.

Nina: Ugh!

Soleil: Bah!

B Support

Nina: So, we meet again, Soleil.

Soleil: Oh, it's you.

Nina: Let me guess. You're planning on spying on the girls at practice again, right?

Soleil: Well, I wouldn't call it spying. More like... people watching. But yes. And I suppose you'll be ogling that group of guys, hoping they'll start smooching?

Nina: That's right. It makes me happy.

Soleil: Well then.

Nina: Hmph.

Soleil: You know what? This is actually a chance for you to see how cute and wonderful girls are!

Nina: Likewise, you could learn a thing or two about the charms of men!

Soleil: OK, so first of all...girls smell AMAZING. Not like stinky boys.

Nina: Stinky? All right, maybe a little bit. But one of the amazing things about guys is the purity of their relationships. If a couple of guys are best friends, they'll do anything for each other.

Soleil: But...guys are so... What's the opposite of soft and curvy?

Nina: I think you're thinking of sinewy and muscular. Yep. Mmm hmm.

Soleil: Well, this hasn't been very productive.

Nina: No, I suppose not.

Soleil: That's too bad. For a minute there, I was sure you'd join me on the girl bandwagon.

Nina: Maybe it's not something one can be talked into...

Soleil: Maybe not. But it was kind of fun to try.

Nina: Yeah...weird!

Soleil: Hee, hee! Well, I guess I'll see you here again tomorrow.

Nina: You better believe it!

A Support

Soleil: Here's the thing, Nina. A pretty girl's smile can light up the entire world.

Nina: But, Soleil...the smile that a man gives another man is so carefree and pure. Doesn't it just make your heart race?

Soleil: Hmm...

Nina: *sigh*

Soleil: Once again, we're just going around in circles.

Nina: Yeah... It's a shame we can't seem to come to an understanding.

Soleil: I think we're just going to have to agree to disagree, don't you think?

Nina: Oh yes, I agree with that.

Soleil: *sigh*

Nina: *sigh*

Soleil: You know, maybe we're not so different after all.

Nina: We like different things...but we have the same kind of passion.

Soleil: Ha! That's exactly it.

Nina: Hee, hee! Why are we being so silly?

Soleil: Beats me. You know what? I really don't mind hearing more about guys.

Nina: Oh, I'd love to share some of my silly little daydreams with you. And I want to hear more about what makes girls so fascinating. Maybe daydreaming about girls would be a fun change of pace...

Soleil: Yeah! I'm glad we're friends now, Nina.

Nina: Me too, Soleil. Now, let's focus on what's really important... Spying—I mean, people watching!