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C Support

Sophie: Daddy? Do you think I'm hopeless?

Silas: Hopeless?! Where did this come from?

Sophie: I want to be a great knight, like you! But I can't even handle the horse you gave me...

Silas: Don't tell me that's all that's got you in a funk.

Sophie: "That's all"?! You don't understand, Daddy! This is a crisis! A tragedy! A big problem!

Silas: Sorry, Sophie. I wasn't trying to belittle your concerns. I just don't think you should be so worked up over it.

Sophie: B-but...

Silas: Everyone has a hard time starting out. Even me. Making mistakes is how you get better. If you're still having trouble, all that means is you have more to learn. It would be a problem if you thought you knew all there is to know... But that's not you, right?

Sophie: Well, no...

Silas: Then there's nothing to worry about. You have work to do, but you'll do it. You'll get better at handling Avel, and everything else too.

Sophie: I hope you're right... Guess I won't know unless I try!

Silas: That's my girl.

Sophie: Heehee...

B Support

Sophie: Daddy...

Silas: You still seem distraught, Sophie... What's wrong?

Sophie: It's the same thing we talked about last time. I've been working so hard, and it doesn't seem to help at all! Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a knight.

Silas: Sophie, it's only been a few days. People don't improve that much overnight.

Sophie: That's easy for you to say. I'm scared I'm not improving at all!

Silas: I know you are.

Sophie: How?! How can you be sure?

Silas: Because it's true. Why, I remember when you were just as wild and willful as Avel. I couldn't get you to do anything.

Sophie: No fair bringing that up! I was just a kid!

Silas: That's why I brought it up. You've grown by leaps and bounds since then. How long has it been now since I first visited you in the Deeprealm?

Sophie: Golly, I'm not sure anymore. Years and years...

Silas: Think about all the progress you've made since then. And how much progress you'll make when you're that much older than you are now...

Sophie: That's...a really long time.

Silas: It is, but it'll feel like the blink of an eye. I know it feels like it's been just weeks for me since you were born.

Sophie: Daddy...it HAS just been weeks for you. I'd barely be opening my eyes by now if I'd stayed in this world.

Silas: Haha. You got me there. I admit...I wanted to have been there to watch you growing up. How I would have loved to see you take your first steps...say your first word... I wish I could have been there to encourage you every time you tried something new.

Sophie: Daddy...

Silas: I'm sorry. I know it was lonely for you, too.

Sophie: I know you only did it to keep me safe during the war. I never resented you or Mother for it. Not even once!

Silas: I appreciate that, Sophie. To my mind, any advance or improvement, no matter how small, is worth celebrating. There's no need to rush. I love watching you get better with Avel, little by little.

Sophie: OK, Daddy.

Silas: Besides, now that you're here with us, you'll be older before we know it. We don't have time to daydream anymore!

Sophie: Huh, you're right. I'd better get back to work, then! Thanks, Daddy!

A Support

Sophie: Did you see me in that last battle, Daddy?!

Silas: With a showing like that? How could I have missed it? You were flawless.

Sophie: Heehee...I'd say I've improved a little bit, wouldn't you? I know I shouldn't expect results right away, but come on!

Silas: It's true, you know. But yes, I'm thrilled to get to see you mature into a knight before my eyes. Well done, Sophie.

Sophie: Aw, Daddy, you're embarrassing me. Heehee...

Silas: You've been working extra hard lately. And yes, you've made mistakes along the way... But that's the surest sign that you're also making progress. I just hope I'm not falling behind...

Sophie: What? But you're already a great knight! What's left for you to learn?

Silas: Quite a lot, actually. I feel like my skills plateaued around when you were born... I fear I said some rather self-righteous things for a man of my station.

Sophie: N-no way, Daddy! That's not your fault at all! It's barely been any time at all in this world since I was born. Weren't you the one who told me nobody gets better overnight?

Silas: Touché... I did say that, didn't I? Hahah.

Sophie: Personally, I'd like it if you stopped getting better entirely.

Silas: Why's that?

Sophie: Because then it would be that much easier to catch up with you!

Silas: What?!

Sophie: They'd call me Sophie the Great, who surpassed her own father! Together with her beloved Avel, they vanquished evil across the land! Heehee, how cool does that sound?

Silas: I-it's a nice goal, but I'm not going to lie down and die. By the time you reach where I am now, I intend to hone my skills considerably!

Sophie: Noooooooo! Then I'll never get caught up!

Silas: Hahaha. You can try and catch me, but I won't make it easy for you.

Sophie: So you really want to make it a competition, huh? All right! We'd never get to do this if I'd had a normal childhood, huh? Here's to growing up in the Deeprealm!

Silas: Sophie...you don't have to go that far to appease me.

Sophie: Oh, no, I wasn't trying to! I really, honestly think that. Sure, it was lonely sometimes... But if I'd been raised here, I'd still be in diapers now. I'd much rather get to compete with you in your prime. Fighting at your side is a dream come true! Honestly, your whole world is like a dream to me...

Silas: I'm glad things worked out for the best.

Sophie: Just keep watching me, OK? You'll see me become a real knight in no time! I'll improve so fast, your head will spin!

Silas: That's the spirit. You're not yet my equal, and if I work hard, you never will be!