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C Support

Siegbert: Greetings, Ophelia. Out for a stroll?

Ophelia: Well, well, well... If it isn't the royal tadpole, Siegbert.

Siegbert: Pardon? A tadpole, you say? Did I do something to offend you?

Ophelia: I've worked long and hard to become one of the chosen ones.

Siegbert: Chosen one? What's that?

Ophelia: Augh! You don't know even that? Precisely my point. A chosen one is a rare hero, chosen by fate, whom all admire. I've trained every day of my life in preparation for being a chosen one.

Siegbert: Yes! That's so admirable! But what have I done to offend you?

Ophelia: You're a chosen one by birth. You'll be a king someday without even trying!

Siegbert: I might become a king, but—

Ophelia: It's not fair.

Siegbert: I...I can't choose the circumstances of my birth, Ophelia.

Ophelia: Oh, just forget I said anything.

Siegbert: Please, what can I say to—

Ophelia: Excuse me. I've got somewhere I need to be, Siegbert.

(Ophelia leaves)

Siegbert: Ophelia, I beg of you, stay! I didn't mean to insult you!

B Support

Siegbert: Pardon, Ophelia?

Ophelia: What do you want, Siegbert? Can it wait? I'm training hard to be the chosen one.

Siegbert: I need just a moment.

Ophelia: Hurry up then.

Siegbert: Recall the other day when you said I'm a chosen one because I'm a future king?

Ophelia: Yes, so?

Siegbert: Being born to royalty doesn't make me a chosen one.

Ophelia: Of course it does.

Siegbert: I was lucky enough to be born royal. It wasn't a matter of choice.

Ophelia: Yes, so?

Siegbert: When I am king, it won't be because my people chose me.

Ophelia: Get to the point.

Siegbert: Isn't it obvious? You're a chosen one. Not me. I never could be. I'm just not incredible enough for fate to choose me. But you, Ophelia? You've worked hard for this and it shows. You are a chosen one through and through. How could fate not choose you? That's...all I had to say.

(Siegbert leaves)

Ophelia: Oh, Siegbert... I think I hurt that poor boy's feelings.

A Support

Ophelia: Hey, Siegbert!

Siegbert: What's wrong, Ophelia?

Ophelia: I want to say I'm sorry about the other day.

Siegbert: I can't imagine what you have to apologize for.

Ophelia: All that awful stuff I said about you being chosen by birth while I have to work for it.

Siegbert: Oh, that? Put it right out of your mind. I worried that I'd offended you.

Ophelia: No—I insulted your future role as a king, which has got to be hard on you. I always see you preparing for your future. I was a jerk, frankly.

Siegbert: It's all right. I'm not upset.

Ophelia: That's because you have the grace of a true king, Siegbert. Among many other excellent qualities. I'd choose you to be a king, even if you weren't born to it.

Siegbert: Very kind of you, Ophelia.

Ophelia: You never abuse your high standing. You constantly fret about your future. If the people of your country saw that, they'd all choose you too! I know you're going to be the most incredible king ever, Siegbert.

Siegbert: I...I can only hope. Thank you, Ophelia.

Ophelia: No need to thank me.

Siegbert: For those generous words? Yes, I do. Furthermore, I see how hard you train. You inspire me every day.

Ophelia: Oh, that's nice of you to notice.

Siegbert: How about we train together from now on? Our aspirations joined together—you, the chosen one. I, a king.

Ophelia: That sounds perfect, Siegbert. We were fated to be such great friends!

S Support

Siegbert: Greetings, Ophelia.

Ophelia: My favorite training companion! You look like you need something, Siegbert.

Siegbert: You're familiar with charms, chants, and so forth. May I ask you something?

Ophelia: For you, my vast mind is an open book. What would you like to know?

Siegbert: Is there any way to accurately predict the future?

Ophelia: Hmm. Fortune-telling of any sort is a hint wrapped in a clue. That's all.

Siegbert: There's no method that's better than that?

Ophelia: Fate is a cart with a missing wheel. It'll go in the right direction. But it wobbles, and no amount of fortune-telling will help. The only thing I can think of is if someone from the future came back in time. That person would know the details. But time-travel is impossible, of course.

Siegbert: It is? How sad.

Ophelia: What is it that you're trying to pin down about the future?

Siegbert: Who my wife will be.

Ophelia: Your wife?

Siegbert: You see, I know of a fantastic woman I hope would marry me. But I doubt that she would consider hitching her fate to mine.

Ophelia: Oh, I see. It's probably best that you can't see the future of all that.

Siegbert: Why not? It would be very reassuring.

Ophelia: That's exactly why not. What kind of proposal involves knowing the outcome? A woman needs to consent to marriage. But if you know she will...? I'd say you just go for broke. Ask! Propose! Leap into the chasm!

Siegbert: That sounds dangerous...

Ophelia: Not really. Not for you. There isn't a woman alive who'd turn down a proposal from you.

Siegbert: Then, Ophelia, would you please grant me your hand in marriage?

Ophelia: Now, see? There you go? When the time comes, say it JUST like that. Wait. Did— Me? Did you? Just? Propose to?!

Siegbert: If I may unscramble that, Ophelia? Yes, I just proposed to you.

Ophelia: You want to marry ME?!

Siegbert: If you'll only accept this ring...

Ophelia: Th-this seems so sudden!

Siegbert: Ah, so it's no.

Ophelia: No, it's not no. It's yes, but only if you understand that my fate as the chosen one comes first. I love everything you are, but I cannot give up everything that I am.

Siegbert: I would ask for nothing more.

Ophelia: How lovely to be chosen twice in life! Once by fate, and now by you! I suppose I should have seen all this coming—us training so well together. I do choose you, Siegbert. I choose you to be with me, forever.