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C Support

Mitama: *sigh* I am beginning to think I will never understand...

Siegbert: Hm? What is it you don't understand?

Mitama: Oh, Siegbert. You might be just the person to answer my question! What meaning is there to find in risking our lives on the battlefield?

Siegbert: What meaning?

Mitama: Yes. For what reason do nations go to war? Why do their peoples kill each other? All I have seen is pain. Blood and death and sickness abound. Yet we talk about it as though it were some grand adventure. I cannot fathom it. We should all just return to our homes.

Siegbert: Well, yes, that would be ideal.

Mitama: If you think that it is ideal, then why have we not done it? If no one enjoys war, why do we bleed so much for it?

Siegbert: I...

Mitama: Siegbert?

Siegbert: I don't know what to say. We simply don't have any other options.

Mitama: If you say so...

B Support

Siegbert: Mitama. Do you have a moment?

Mitama: Could we make it quick? I was hoping to begin my nap in a few minutes.

Siegbert: Ah, yes, I suppose. It's about what we talked about the other day. When you asked me what the point was behind risking our lives to fight.

Mitama: Yes, I remember. What about it?

Siegbert: If you don't see the point in fighting, why do you still go to battle with us?

Mitama: It is simply the way things went.

Siegbert: What kind of answer is that?

Mitama: We should follow the course cut out for us, not oppose it blindly. This is the course that was cut for me. If I did not go to battle, I would be a deserter. That is unacceptable. Nor would my father leave me be. I can't have that. So it is easier to go into battle than not. I simply follow the way of things.

Siegbert: So you fight because it's the path of least resistance?

Mitama: Precisely. Of course, it CAN be scary to live a life like this. If I could, I would spend all day, every day at home sleeping. But were I to do so, it would only make things worse for me. So I fight.

Siegbert: But then you're just getting swept away by life. You are a victim of fate. I don't understand why you would want that.

Mitama: Because we are all victims of fate. Some of us simply accept it. In any case. I'm late for my nap! I will take my leave of you now.

(Mitama leaves)

Siegbert: Hm...

A Support

Siegbert: Hello, Mitama.

Mitama: Oh, drat. I was just about to go to bed.

Siegbert: Yes, I know. I apologize, but I felt I had to speak to you.

Mitama: *sigh* I don't suppose you'll leave me alone if I ask nicely? OK. What is it?

Siegbert: Thank you. I wanted to say that I know my own reason for risking my life in battle. I do it for my friends and my kingdom. I would gladly give my life for them. Some fight for honor. Others for money. Others still only for family. There is no one cause we all fight for. And yet...we all fight and are united.

Mitama: I see. That makes sense. But it doesn't change how I feel. Everyone would still be happier at home than at war.

Siegbert: But they may not still have a home if not for the war. It is the same for you. You will not have the rest you desire without war, correct?

Mitama: Hm. A very good point. I will have to think on this. Thank you, Siegbert. Now, I should get to bed, if that's all right with you.

Siegbert: Very well. Good night, Mitama. Have a good night's sleep. When you wake, we go to battle again.

Mitama: How dreadful. I hope the fighting ends soon.

Siegbert: Then let us end it. By our own hands.

Mitama: Yes, let's. THAT is a cause worth fighting for.

S Support

Siegbert: Mitama?

Mitama: Zzzzz...

Siegbert: Mitama? Are you asleep? MITAMA!

Mitama: Siegbert comes again / Here to steal my maiden sleep / Good-bye, my snoozes.

Siegbert: Oh, good. You're awake.

Mitama: Yes, because you woke me.

Siegbert: Ah, right. Sorry.

Mitama: I hope you have a very good reason for waking me from my slumber.

Siegbert: I do. There is something I wanted to tell you. Something very important to me.

Mitama: ...By which you mean something not important to me, correct? Good night. Please do not wake me up again.

Siegbert: Hold on! It will just take a second.

Mitama: You truly won't allow me to sleep until you've had your say, will you?

Siegbert: Sorry, but...I really must tell you now.

Mitama: Fine. You have five seconds.

Siegbert: I only get five seconds?!

Mitama: Four.

Siegbert: I-I like you! Please be mine!

Mitama: ...

Siegbert: Mitama?

Mitama: OK. I will.

Siegbert: You what?!

Mitama: I have feelings for you, too, Siegbert. Well, good night, then.

Siegbert: Huh?!

Mitama: Let's talk more about this when I wake up. I want to sleep now.

Siegbert: Um, OK. Good night, Mitama.

Mitama: From now on...

Siegbert: Hm?

Mitama: I think my dreams...will be about you. I cannot wait.

Siegbert: Mitama...

Mitama: Good night, Siegbert!

Siegbert: Good night, Mitama.