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C Support

Midori: Hi, Siegbert!

Siegbert: Good afternoon, Midori.

Midori: Are you reading a book? Mind if I read with you?

Siegbert: Ah, well, it's a book on military tactics. I'm not sure you would enjoy it much.

Midori: Huh? What's that?

Siegbert: Tactics? It's how you move and use troops in battle so as to be most effective.

Midori: So you're studying how to beat our enemies?

Siegbert: Precisely.

Midori: Hm. About that... Why do we always have to fight them? Why can't we just talk?

Siegbert: I suppose it's because we both have things we're not willing to surrender. Be it family, wealth, power, or something else. The motivations for going to war can be complex beyond belief.

Midori: Can't we just trade stuff? It seems like it would be better than trading lives...

Siegbert: Well, that only works so long as both parties are opposed to the trading of lives. If one is perfectly happy with violence, they can all but force the other into slavery. Some things are more valuable than even life. And there is no guarantee one's life will be spared simply because they surrender.

Midori: I see.

Siegbert: But...I admit that a world in which no one resorts to violence would be ideal.

Midori: Do you think our world could ever be like that?

Siegbert: ... Yes. Of course, Midori.

B Support

Siegbert: *sigh*

Midori: Siegbert, what's wrong? Are you feeling OK? Are you sick?

Siegbert: Hm? Oh, no. I'm not sick.

Midori: Are you sure? You just had your head in your hands. Do you have a headache? I have some medicine for that, you know!

Siegbert: Thank you for worrying about me. But my head isn't hurting. I was just thinking.

Midori: Oh. What were you thinking about?

Siegbert: About my companions and myself. About our future and the war. I cannot seem to find any answers, no matter how much I think about it. Not the best trait for a leader, eh?

Midori: You must be under a lot of stress. Are you sure you can handle it, Siegbert?

Siegbert: Yes, I'll be fine.

Midori: You're a bad liar—you know that?

Siegbert: Haha, I can't get anything past you, can I?

Midori: I'm sorry. I wish I could make some medicine to remove your worries.

Siegbert: I'm pretty blessed, aren't I?

Midori: Huh? How so?

Siegbert: Because. I have kind companions like you by my side.

Midori: But I didn't do anything...

Siegbert: You cared about me enough to ask what was wrong, and you cheered me up. That's more than enough.

Midori: Really? I cheered you up just by talking to you? Hooray!

Siegbert: Yes, you did. Thank you, Midori. You're a good friend.

A Support

Midori: OK, now sit down right here.

Siegbert: All right. Will you tell me what's going on now?

Midori: Teehee! Nope! It's a secret.

Siegbert: Fine, fine. Can I at least take this blindfold off?

Midori: Nope! Just relax and start taking deep breaths.

Siegbert: OK... Breathe in... Breathe out... Like that?

Midori: Yep! That's perfect! Now, just wait one second while I...

Siegbert: Hm? What's that smell? It's so...sweet. It reminds me of summers past. Ah, I see. You're burning some special incense for me.

Midori: Bingo! Do you like it?

Siegbert: I do. It's very nice. I haven't felt this relaxed in months.

Midori: Hooray! I knew it would do the trick! You've been under so much pressure lately, I wanted to do something special for you. Help you relax, you know? So I did some reading and found out about this stuff. It took me a lot of digging to find the recipe, but I managed!

Siegbert: Midori...

Midori: I would have liked to find a medicine to cure you of your worries, but I couldn't. Too good to be true, right? But I figured this stuff would work in a pinch!

Siegbert: You went through all this trouble just to make me feel better?

Midori: You seemed like you needed it. Please, don't worry. It wasn't too much work.

Siegbert: Thank you, Midori. Your kindness is astounding.

Midori: Heehee! You're welcome!

Siegbert: Mmmm. It really does smell divine. What is it made of, I wonder?

Midori: Sunbaked droppings from a special type of cow that only eats one type of herb! They're only raised in a few places.

Siegbert: Mmm, wonderf— Wait, it's made of cow droppings?! I've been inhaling cow feces?! This entire time?! *cough cough* *hack* *ptooie*

Midori: I've still got lots more, so if you ever get a hankering, just call on me! Teehee.

Siegbert: Agh...th-thank you. That's very...generous.

S Support

Midori: Siegbert...there's actually something I've been meaning to talk with you about.

Siegbert: Oh? What's that?

Midori: You always seem so worried about the war and your future place as king. I don't think it's healthy. You have to learn to relax!

Siegbert: Midori...I understand. But I cannot simply set such things aside and rest. I have a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. Every decision I make must be measured and weighed. A mistake on my part could cost thousands of lives and untold amounts of suffering.

Midori: Which is why it's important you rest! You're more likely to make mistakes if you don't.

Siegbert: I suppose there's sense in what you say. But how can I rest? I don't really know what people do to relax.

Midori: You can just leave that to me!

Siegbert: Huh?

Midori: I want to help you, Siegbert... You're always trying so hard for everyone else. You never think of yourself. You need someone to take care of you. Someone...like me.

Siegbert: Midori, you don't have to—

Midori: No, let me finish! I WANT to take care of you because... b-because...I love you, Siegbert!

Siegbert: ...

Midori: I'm sorry! I shouldn't have said anything. I'll just go away now...

Siegbert: Midori...I love you too.

Midori: Really?!

Siegbert: Yes. Will you be the one who looks out for me when I cannot?

Midori: Of course! And will you protect me when I can't protect myself?

Siegbert: Of course. Here's to a bright future, my love.

Midori: Teehee! I can't wait!