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C Support

Siegbert: Good day, Ignatius. I trust everything is well?

Ignatius: Yes, quite well. Thank you, Siegbert.

Siegbert: Excellent. Um...

Ignatius: Is there something else you'd like to say?

Siegbert: Well...yes. Thank you for your service. You're truly an inspiration to the rest of us.

Ignatius: Are you being sarcastic or something?

Siegbert: No, quite the opposite! I admire the way you carry yourself in battle. You're a model warrior.

Ignatius: Well, thank you for the kind words, but I don't know about that. I just do what I'm told...

Siegbert: Well, I only wish I could be as gallant and brave as you, Ignatius.

Ignatius: Again, thank you, but I really wish you wouldn't say things like that. I'm hardly the most skilled warrior fighting on our side. On top of that, if you were ever to examine my knees just before battle... I think you'd find them knocking more loudly than a traveling salesman. I just know my role, I guess.

Siegbert: What do you mean?

Ignatius: Well, some among us are destined to become great leaders... and others are sent to the front lines. I have accepted my role.

(Ignatius leaves)

Siegbert: Ignatius?

B Support

Siegbert: HA! YA! HEY!

Ignatius: Whoa, Siegbert. You're really going for it today. Swinging that practice sword like you're fighting for your life!

Siegbert: Oh, hey, Ignatius. Yeah, watching you in battle has inspired me to train harder. YAH!

Ignatius: Um... You do realize that you're going to be king someday, right?

Siegbert: It's possible. But why do you bring that up?

Ignatius: Because your role isn't to be the most heroic on the battlefield. Your role is to lead our people...and protect the kingdom.

Siegbert: Of course. But again, so what?

Ignatius: Well...there's no real need for you to be so brave on the battlefield. I'm replaceable. You're not! My role is to protect people, and your role is to be protected. If anything, you should probably stay as far away from battle as—

Siegbert: Nonsense! Is that all you have to say to me?

Ignatius: Yeah, I guess.

Siegbert: Then I'll take my leave of you. I'm not done practicing.

(Siegbert leaves)

Ignatius: Damn.

A Support

Siegbert: Hi-YAAAAAAAH!

Ignatius: At it again, huh?

Siegbert: Yes. What of it, Ignatius?

Ignatius: I thought I told you. You can't die on the battlefield. We need you to lead us. Men like me can die on the battlefield.

Siegbert: Oh, would you give it a rest? Nobody's role in this army is to die!

Ignatius: I apologize.

Siegbert: I'm sorry, Ignatius. I let my emotions get the best of me. I appreciate your concern, and believe me, I do understand my role. But I refuse to stand idly by while my friends risk their necks for me in battle!

Ignatius: I respect that. But if you die, who will lead us?

Siegbert: Oh, I don't intend on dying, Ignatius.

Ignatius: I'm sorry for questioning you, Siegbert. I see now what you're truly made of. I, for one, would be proud to carry your banner into battle—at your side.

Siegbert: That means a lot to me, Ignatius. And I would be honored to fight side by side with you any day of the week. Let's live to see the end of this war...and forge a peaceful future for all.

Ignatius: Well spoken, sir. You can count on me.