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C Support

Shiro: *chomp* *slarf* Mmm...now THIS is a chunk of meat! Nice and juicy! *gobble* *munch*

Rhajat: ...

Shiro: Oh, hey, Rhajat. I didn't see you there. What's with that look? You want some of my chicken or something?

Rhajat: Ugh. No.

Shiro: Then why are you staring so hard?

Rhajat: I'm disgusted...yet also fascinated. It's complicated.

Shiro: What are you talking about?

Rhajat: It looks so greasy and fatty... It's nauseating watching you eat.

Shiro: Well, too bad for you, because it tastes awesome. Do you just not like chicken or something?

Rhajat: All meat is gross. I prefer vegetables.

Shiro: Weirdo. Meat is delicious! Here, I'll prove it. I'll give you a little of this without so much fat. Try it! Meat builds muscle, you know.

Rhajat: No thanks.

Shiro: Come on, don't be such a sourpuss! This is a golden opportunity!

Rhajat: Oh no! Keep your gross fleshwad away from me! I told you, I don't want any. Find some other girl to terrorize.

Shiro: "Terrorize"?! Why are you making such a big deal about this?

Rhajat: Think about it for one second, and maybe you'll figure it out! Come any closer, and I'll cast a spell to turn that meat into pure fat! Ugh...why must I be plagued by people without a shred of empathy?

(Rhajat leaves)

Shiro: ... What is with her? I just offered to share some of this excellent chicken... *chomp* *chomp* Mmm...chickenlicious.

B Support

Shiro: Heyyyy! Rhajat!

Rhajat: What is it, you barbarian? Are you looking to be cursed?

Shiro: Whoa, easy there. I brought you something.

Rhajat: What is that? Some sort of...food...?

Shiro: Smells gooood, right? The secret is in the meat!

Rhajat: ...

Shiro: Hey, don't judge! I'm not the best cook, but it tastes better than it looks! I guarantee it!

Rhajat: I told you, I don't like meat. At all.

Shiro: I'm not saying you should eat the whole thing. Just try one bite.

Rhajat: Ugh...will you give up after that?

Shiro: Yeah. That's all I'm asking. Meat is an important part of your diet! If you don't eat any, you'll waste away. Heh, not that you need to worry about that.

Rhajat: ...

Shiro: ... Um...but you should have some anyway?

Rhajat: Starting today, I'm using every spell I know to make your life hell. Get ready to suffer, barbarian!

(Rhajat leaves)

Shiro: Oof...I think I at least understand where I screwed up this time...

A Support

Shiro: *sniffle* *sniffle* Rha...Rha...RHACHOO!

Rhajat: ...

Shiro: That was one heckuva curse you put on me... My nose won't stop running!

Rhajat: I know. It'll stay like that four more days.

Shiro: Whaaaaat?! That's horrible... But I guess I deserve it, after what I did. *sniffle* *sniffle* *hoooonk*

Rhajat: Ew. Blow your nose someplace else.

Shiro: Sorry! I can't help it! But I made you this as an apology. C'mon, just try it...

Rhajat: Meat AGAIN? How many times do I need to tell you, I hate meat! ...Hm?

Shiro: OK, there's SOME meat in it. But it's mixed in with the fried veggies. I went easy on the oil, too. I think you'll really like it!

Rhajat: ...

Shiro: Um...are you gonna try it, or...?

Rhajat: Fine. But I don't understand. Why are you so bent on making sure I eat this stuff?

Shiro: I just want you to be healthy! You're always lurking in the shadows, so I thought maybe you were sick.

Rhajat: No. Brooding in the shadows is just my idea of a good time.

Shiro: Really?! Because ordinarily, it's a sign someone is feeling down about something... We're allies and all, and I want all my friends to be healthy!

Rhajat: So that's what this was about...

Shiro: But I guess I had you wrong. You're healthy enough to curse me, that's for sure. I'll just eat the rest myself.

Rhajat: Wait.

Shiro: Hm?

Rhajat: May I have some of your food?

Shiro: Whoa! Yeah, sure! Take all you want. I've even got enough for seconds, if you're feeling hungry.

Rhajat: Heh...don't get ahead of yourself. I'll just have a little morsel. If it's good... maybe I'll lift the curse.

Shiro: No joke?!

Rhajat: Why not? I'm feeling merciful. ... And it's nice of you to worry about me.

Shiro: Sorry, what? You were doing that creepy whispery thing.

Rhajat: Y-yes, that was...an incantation to lift the curse. Don't worry about it.

S Support

Shiro: Got a minute, Rhajat?

Rhajat: Shiro...you'd better not have another meat- based atrocity to force down my throat.

Shiro: N-no way! I just wanted to talk.

Rhajat: This ought to be good...

Shiro: Remember how I said I was just looking after your health?

Rhajat: Yes...

Shiro: I was lying my face off.

Rhajat: ...Huh?

Shiro: The truth is, I really like you and wanted some excuse to hang out. I was only pushing the chicken on you to start a conversation.

Rhajat: R-right! I knew it from the start, of course. Mwahaha! I, um. I glimpsed into the future. Yeah...

Shiro: Hah! You're a terrible liar. I could see the shock on your face just now.

Rhajat: That wasn't shock! It was...it was triumph!

Shiro: Then why is your face all red?

Rhajat: Shut up! If I say I know something, then I know it, OK?!

Shiro: Hahaha. That's just a bluff to cover up how embarrassed you are.

Rhajat: I could curse you again, you know.

Shiro: Or you could just answer the question...

Rhajat: ... I would have to be stupid to dislike it when someone theoretically cared about me.

Shiro: Huh? What does that even mean?! Are you trying to say that you like me?

Rhajat: That's such a dull way of putting it. I told you, I hate people who can't grasp subtle, nuanced feelings.

Shiro: But...how am I supposed to know how you feel if you don't tell me? If you hate me, say that. I just want us to understand each other. Is that so wrong?

Rhajat: ... It galls me to have to spell this out... But I have...feelings...for you, too.

Shiro: Rhajat! This is awesome! Oh, this is the happiest day of my life! I'll take good care of you—I swear!

Rhajat: Whoa there! Don't act like we just said our vows! Ugh, you're so clingy!