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C Support

Shiro: All quiet here, too. I get that patrolling's important, but it sure can be dull... Well, what have we here?

Mitama: Zzzzz... Zzzzz...

Shiro: Mitama sure picked a strange place to fall asleep.

Mitama: ... *yawn*... Is it time to wake up already?

Shiro: Had a nice nap, did you?

Mitama: *yawn* Noontime nap in shade / Dreaming under thick green leaves / I awake refreshed.

Shiro: Refreshing or not, you shouldn't sleep here, Mitama.

Mitama: Not even for a moment? War never relents / Every day we must fight on / Only peace in dreams. I was exhausted, so I lay down to rest.

Shiro: Makes sense, I guess.

Mitama: But seeing as I have been roused from my slumber, perhaps it's time... To return home and sleep.

Shiro: ...And here I thought you were off to do something productive. But yeah, if you must sleep, go home and do it. This isn't a great place to nod off.

Mitama: Sleep's a willful guest / She visits when she pleases / Here she comes now. Hmm...I think I was short a syllable. With that, I bid you a good night, Shiro.

Shiro: Uh...it's still afternoon, though.

(Mitama leaves) What a strange girl...

B Support

Mitama: Zzzzz... Zzzzzz...

Shiro: Is that Mitama? What did I tell her about sleeping out in the open? Hey, Mitama! Wake up!

Mitama: Ugh...what is it now? Sleep, interrupted / Thrust into the waking world / A boorish voice cries. I was having a pleasant dream, too.

Shiro: Well, excuse me for being "boorish," but I've told you, it's not safe to sleep here.

Mitama: On the contrary. I examined the area thoroughly before bedding down.

Shiro: You did? Oh. Geez...do you just conk out every time you have a free minute?

Mitama: That's correct. If I have no other duties, I sleep.

Shiro: Why?

Mitama: Because the world of dreams is so pleasant. Besides, wouldn't you agree it's vital to get sleep whenever you can?

Shiro: Vital?

Mitama: Yes. One must be well rested in order to be truly ready for battle. And since we have no knowing of when the next engagement might happen... we ought to take every chance we can to get that rest.

Shiro: ...Hmm.

Mitama: A dullard's question: / Why slumber every chance you get? / My answer is, why not? Ugh. Too many syllables.

Shiro: Huh?

Mitama: It's nothing. Excuse me.

(Mitama leaves)

Shiro: Seems to me like she should wait until she actually needs to rest. But oh well...

A Support

Mitama: Cloudless sky above / Sun filters through the branches / Perfect for a nap. Hmm. Someone has beaten me to it. That's Shiro, is it not? Wakey, wakey.

Shiro: Mmm...? Mitama?

Mitama: What's wrong? Why are you sleeping here?

Shiro: I was thinking about what you said—how we should rest when we get the chance. So I was seeing for myself what it would be like to sleep in the open.

Mitama: Huh? That sounds kind of...

Shiro: Like something I made up on the spot? Yeah. How about that. But I thought there might be some truth to what you said. So I gave it a try, and it felt surprisingly good—like I got my second wind. Thanks for the advice.

Mitama: From an outside perspective, it does look curious, doesn't it? Napping near a battlefield, that is.

Shiro: You think so?

Mitama: A new perspective / Seeing what others once saw / I feel shame's first blush. I will reconsider sleeping outdoors.

Shiro: That means you'll stop, right?

Mitama: No. But I'll do it a little bit less often.

Shiro: So we've learned nothing here today, I guess. Then again, as long as you don't let your guard down, it's not that bad. I at least proved to myself that there are some benefits I hadn't considered.

Mitama: To walk in one's shoes / Or to sleep beneath one's tree / So we grow closer. I think it's healthy to share our customs with other people once in a while.

Shiro: I couldn't agree more.

S Support

Mitama: Zzzz... Zzzzz...

Shiro: Um...should I just...

Mitama: ... *yawn* Oh, hello, Shiro.

Shiro: Hey there.

Mitama: Hmm... How long have you been standing there?

Shiro: I was just passing by and saw you napping again. I figured I might as well stand watch over you in case anything happened.

Mitama: Oh! Goodness... Thank you very much.

Shiro: And...well...um...this doesn't have anything to do with that, but... I wanted to say this isn't a onetime offer. I'll stand watch forever, if you want.

Mitama: Huh? Do you mean...

Shiro: I mean...do you want to go out with me?

Mitama: Ooh!

Shiro: Is...is that a yes or a no?

Mitama: A shock to my ears / My heart is all aflutter / Pounding crazily. A smile to my lips / My heart is all aflutter / Its blood warms my cheeks... I was so overcome that I composed two haiku on the spot.

Shiro: You're blushing because you're happy? So you're saying...

Mitama: I'm saying I accept your offer. You are the first person to try to see for yourself what it's like to sleep so much. When I saw you going so far to understand me, my heart melted.

Shiro: It did? I'm so glad.

Mitama: Now you must learn about haiku. Come with me and explore the world of 5-7-5...

Shiro: Uh, I might need a while to think about that...