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C Support

Midori: Hrnghhhh...

Shiro: Picked more herbs than you can carry, did you?

Midori: I just...hrrrf!...had a good yield this time and...ungh!...didn't want to waste any.

Shiro: Haha, that explains it. Here, I'll help lighten your load. Up we go!

Midori: Thanks! This is much more manageable.

Shiro: Hey, no sweat. You've sure been busy here, though...

Midori: Yep! The forest nearby is an apothecary's dream! Once I started picking herbs there, I couldn't stop until I had them all.

Shiro: With all these herbs, you could probably open up your own shop. Hey, that reminds me. I meant to ask if there's any good salve for exhaustion.

Midori: Hmm...you're feeling fatigued? Tell me more.

Shiro: My arms have been kinda stiff and sore for a while now.

Midori: Oh! I have just the thing! It's a specially handcrafted poultice! Good thing I picked a fresh supply of herbs...ah, here we are!

Shiro: This must have been quite a haul.

Midori: They don't call me Ms. Fix-It for nothing! Nothing gives me greater joy than treating everyone I can with my herbal remedies.

Shiro: Oh, you've already helped me.

Midori: Really?!

Shiro: Yeah, for sure! Thanks for the poultice.

Midori: You're very welcome. Hope you feel better soon!

B Support

Midori: Hey, Shiro! Did that poultice I gave you help any?

Shiro: Well...um... Honestly? I don't think anything changed.

Midori: What?! No way!

Shiro: Yeah...I was thinking of going to see a real doctor.

Midori: No need! I'll keep trying until you're all fixed up!

Shiro: Really? Thanks.

Midori: I'm guessing it didn't work because it wasn't attuned to your physiology. So let me get a few readings from you and make a few notes, and I'll try again. Now then...you said there was pain in your arms?

Shiro: Not pain, exactly. They just feel heavy and sluggish.

Midori: That's all I need to know. A little of this, a pinch of that... Oh, and a dash of my secret ingredient! Hmm...is that it? Should I add more?

Shiro: Um...are you making it right here?

Midori: Yep! I'll have it ready in a jiffy! Shouldn't take long... Just gotta grind up some leaves here, mix it all together, and... All done! Here you go!

Shiro: That was fast!

Midori: Rub this on your shoulders, and you'll be feeling fit as a fiddle!

Shiro: Hang on. Why's it smell like a sewer?

Midori: Why not? Take it from a professional: medicine is usually pretty pungent.

Shiro: Yeah, but this is too much! I really have to rub this stuff on my shoulders?

Midori: You...don't want it...?

Shiro: Uh-oh...please don't cry! Will you dry those tears if I use it?

Midori: You'll take it?! Yay! This time you'll feel better, I promise!

Shiro: I just hope I can find a nose plug before bedtime tonight...

A Support

Midori: Shiro! How're your arms?

Shiro: Oh, much better, thanks! All that stiffness is totally gone.

Midori: It worked, then! Sounds like somebody owes me some thanks!

Shiro: Yeah, though a big part of it was me cutting back on my training regimen. I'd been so focused on keeping up with my old man that I was overdoing it.

Midori: Smart move! Though I think we can agree the medicine was instrumental, too.

Shiro: The poultice totally helped. But I really saw improvements after making some changes. Whenever I felt like I hit my limit during training, I decided to call it a day there. Uh, Midori? Did you hear what I—

Midori: Huh? Oh, sorry...I tuned out after you said how much my medicine helped.

Shiro: OK, but there was more to it.

Midori: The bottom line is, you're all better now! Chalk up another win for my herbs!

Shiro: Yeaaaah...no one's saying the medicine didn't help. I owe you for that, Midori.

Midori: No thanks necessary! I'm willing to apply my medicine to any problem! If you're ever feeling under the weather again, be sure to let me know.

Shiro: It's a deal.

Midori: Good. And just to be on the safe side, I brought you another poultice.

Shiro: Huh? That's OK, I feel fine now.

Midori: But one can never be too careful, hmmm? I recommend another dose or two.

Shiro: Nooo...that stuff was RANK. Please don't make me rub it on again.

Midori: Well, if you really don't want to... I'll rub it on for you! Just give me one second here while I fix up a batch.

Shiro: Ugh. Last time, nobody would come within 10 feet of me. Even the enemy gave up as soon as I closed in to attack.

Midori: Do I have all the ingredients I need...? Hmm, no, but I'll figure something out.

Shiro: Midori, I'm on my knees here! Please don't make me use that stuff again!

S Support

Midori: How are you feeling today? Tired? Hurt?

Shiro: That's a funny way of greeting someone, haha. Nah, I'm feeling great!

Midori: Whew. I just get to worrying about your health lately. Is that weird?

Shiro: I don't think so. It's kind of nice, in fact. It's good to know someone's looking out for me.

Midori: Heehee! Then if you don't mind, I'll keep checking up on you. If you're healthy, I'm happy!

Shiro: Huh.

Midori: Oh? What's wrong? Does your tummy hurt? Is your brain on fire?

Shiro: Uh, I'm fine, I just...thought you're cute when you smile.

Midori: Huh?

Shiro: Yeah, um...I really like you, Midori. And I sorta wondered if you wanted to go out on a date sometime.

Midori: Whaaaaaat?! Like, a DATE date?!

Shiro: Yeah. I was really touched by how you worried about me. So much that I found myself doing the same thing for you. I wanted to take care of you, just the way that you fuss over me. And that's kinda what being a boyfriend is, right?

Midori: Wow... Well, they do say that love is the best medicine!

Shiro: So that's a yes?

Midori: It is. I love how cool you look when you're fighting. I think it's pretty amazing that someone so cool would need me.

Shiro: Hey, you're my girl now! Of course I need you.

Midori: We're in this together now, huh?

Shiro: Haha, that's it exactly.