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C Support

Kana(M): Hey, Papa? There's something I wanted to ask you about...

Shiro: Of course, Kana. What is it?

Kana(M): It's Mama. She's always treating me like a child.

Shiro: Is that so strange? You're her son. She'll always think of you as her baby boy. And, besides that, you ARE still quite young.

Kana(M): I know, I know. I just mean I'm not as much of a child as I used to be. I want to help out with things. But whenever I try, she just tells me to go play with my friends instead.

Shiro: I see. You want more responsibilities.

Kana(M): Yeah! I want to show her that she can rely on me. Do you have any ideas for things I could do for her?

Shiro: Hm... Sometimes I cook fish for her. She seems to like that. I think.

Kana(M): Oh...

Shiro: Hm? What's wrong?

Kana(M): I guess it's... That's a special thing just between you and Mama. But I was hoping for something special that I could do for her...

Shiro: Aw, my fish are that special? Haha! I knew it! *ahem* But, yes, I understand how it would not be too helpful for you. Hrm...

Kana(M): I know! Let's have a contest, Papa!

Shiro: A contest?

Kana(M): Yeah! We'll have a contest to see which of us can make Mama happier! Between the two of us, I'm sure we can come up with all sorts of things. Whoever gets thanked the most wins!

Shiro: A little friendly competition between father and son, hm? Interesting. All right. I accept your challenge.

Kana(M): Really? Yay!

Shiro: But remember, I'm the one who won your mother's heart! Beating me will be no mean feat. And I have no intention of going easy on you.

Kana(M): That's fine with me, Papa. I'm gonna beat you fair and square!

Shiro: All right, then. Let the games begin!

B Support

Kana(M): Hey, Papa! I've been making a ton of progress on our contest! How about you?

Shiro: Well, I haven't done anything too special yet, but she's thanked me quite a bit. Let me see. I have a tally here somewhere...

Kana(M): WOW! That's a lot! You got all of these already?

Shiro: Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are. I guess I'm a better husband than I thought, huh?

Kana(M): Well—I'm still not gonna lose! Here, see! I recorded all mine too! And the total is...um...

Shiro: WH-WHAT?! You've got just as many as I do!

Kana(M): I do? I do! Haha! Kana's gonna beat you big-time, Papa! I don't have to work, so I can spend all day doing things for Mama!

Shiro: Th-this isn't possible! What have you been doing that your mother could love as much as my homemade fish?!

Kana(M): Mostly I've been trying to help out around camp. I spend each morning making arrows for the fletchers. Then at lunch I chop the bear meat for the cooks and hand out the food. Oh, and at night I make sure the mounts are all fed and outfitted for the next day. Plus I do a bunch of other little things whenever I have the time!

Shiro: That's a lot of work... And you've been doing this every day? You really have been growing up, haven't you?

Kana(M): Huh?

Shiro: Oh, just a thought. It wasn't that long ago you were still in swaddling clothes. And now, all of a sudden, you're making real, important contributions to the army. You're more grown up than you look.

Kana(M): Heehee. Yeah, I've been working real hard. Soon there'll be nothing I can't do!

Shiro: I believe it. I bet Avatar is very grateful for all the good work you've been doing.

Kana(M): "Good work"... Hm. I just realized...Mama hasn't really been saying "thank you" to me very much. She just tells me "good work" and smiles. It's kind of a sad smile, come to think of it...

Shiro: Eh, I wouldn't overthink it. I'm sure she really appreciates all you've been doing.

Kana(M): OK, Papa. If you say so... But don't think this means I'm going to let you win!

Shiro: Heh. Not for a moment.

A Support

Kana(M): *grumble*

Shiro: Hey there, Kana.

Kana(M): Hi, Papa...

Shiro: Hm? What's wrong? I'd expected you to still be exulting over your victory in our little contest. Or has besting your old man already lost its novelty?

Kana(M): Oh, no. I'm still happy about that, I guess. It's just that I was trying to do things for Mama earlier, and she made me stop. She said I should be spending more time playing around with my friends. She still thinks I'm just a kid. Haven't I shown her I can help out with stuff too? Am I messing up? Is she just pretending I'm doing a good job?

Shiro: Oh, is that what it is? I wouldn't worry. It's not you. You've been doing a great job. I promise.

Kana(M): Then why doesn't she want me to help with anything?

Shiro: Avatar knows full well you're capable of taking on new responsibilities. But when you do, it makes her worry. And it makes her feel lonely.

Kana(M): Huh? Why?

Shiro: She doesn't want you to miss out on your childhood. And she doesn't want to lose her little boy. She's happy to see you're growing up, but she's worried you won't need her anymore.

Kana(M): But...I'm just trying to pull my own weight. I don't get why that would be a bad thing...

Shiro: Heh. I'm not sure I can explain it, myself. But I do have a suggestion for you. Keep helping your mother like you have been, but don't work yourself quite as hard. Take breaks to see your friends and play games. And it wouldn't hurt to try and spend some quality time with her now and then. Think you can handle that?

Kana(M): But...

Shiro: Hm? Do you not want to spend time with your mother?

Kana(M): No, that's not it! It's just...I feel like that stuff is for babies.

Shiro: No, Kana. It's not for babies. It's for children. And your mother wants you to stay a child for just a little while longer. We both do.

Kana(M): Papa...

Shiro: We know that you're growing up and that you want to be relied upon. You're going to be a great man someday. Everybody knows it. But for now...relax. Enjoy yourself. At least a little bit, here and there.

Kana(M): OK. Thanks, Papa. I'll think real hard about everything you've said.

Shiro: Good. You know... I think it would be good if you spent some quality time with your mother tonight. Have a nice night in, just the two of you.

Kana(M): Wait! What about you?

Shiro: M-me? No no no. I've got plans—

Kana(M): But, Papa! Don't you need to take a break sometimes too? I thought you wanted me and Mama to be happy!

Shiro: Well, when you put it like that... Agh! Fine, OK. I'll stay in tonight.

Kana(M): Yaaay!

Shiro: Heh. So, a night in with the family, huh? Maybe I could get used to this.