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C Support

Sophie: Phew. I finally finished organizing the armory! Now, time to saddle up Avel...

Shigure: Wow, you really did a good job here. And in this heat? I'm impressed.

Sophie: Hey, Shigure! Thanks! But speaking of heat, how's your face doing under all that hair?

Shigure: Uh...it's...fine? Why wouldn't it be?

Sophie: Huh. I guess I thought it would get super hot under there. And you don't ever trip or have problems seeing or anything? It's just that that hairstyle looks like it'd get awfully frustrating.

Shigure: No, it's not frustrating. And I can see just fine. Haha.

Sophie: Really? I keep my hair pulled back for just that reason.

Shigure: I suppose it could get annoying if I weren't used to it. But I am. And your hairstyle suits you, Sophie. You look very pretty with it back like that.

Sophie: Thanks! Heehee. This is my favorite way to wear it! I wouldn't change it for anything!

Shigure: Then you'll understand when I say this is my favorite way of styling MY hair.

Sophie: Oh...right. That makes sense. But it just looks so inconvenient...

Shigure: Trust me, this is how I like it. Hm. I don't see Avel around. Weren't you saying something about saddling him up?

Sophie: Huh? Ah, you're right! He's not here! Avel, you brat! Where did you run off to?! Avel! AAAAAVEEEEEL!

Shigure: I'll help you look for him.

Sophie: Thanks! You check near the woods, and I'll check over at the stables, OK?

B Support

Sophie: Shigure!

Shigure: Sophie! Did you need something?

Sophie: Nope! I just wanted to thank you for helping me the other day! Well, that, and I wanted to give you this.

Shigure: A...a hairband?

Sophie: I just thought it'd help you see better! It'll keep your hair out of your eyes. Give it a try! I bet you'll like it!

Shigure: Er...I'm touched by your concern, but I wear my hair like this for a reason...

Sophie: A reason?

Shigure: Yes... This was the way one of my caretakers always styled his hair.

Sophie: What?

Shigure: Maybe "caretaker" isn't right. He was more of a companion. A good friend. A...brother. A few days before the attack happened, we decided to switch hairstyles. We thought it would be funny. And it was! Everyone had a good laugh about it. But then those...beasts came. And they slaughtered everyone. My friend was the first to die. I...I saw it happen.

Sophie: Shigure...

Shigure: So I wanted to keep my hair this way, for at least a little while longer. To honor him...to honor all of them.

Sophie: I'm sorry, Shigure. I didn't mean to pressure you into changing it. I had no idea...

Shigure: It's fine, it doesn't bother me. I'm sorry for troubling you with such things.

Sophie: No. It's OK. I'm glad you told me.

Shigure: Of course. Ah, and there is another reason I like this hairstyle.

Sophie: Oh?

Shigure: It resembles Mother's hair. She wears her bangs down over her face as well.

Sophie: Haha. I'm the same way! I started wearing my bangs up like this because my daddy wears his combed up!

Shigure: You know, I never really noticed that. Haha. I always thought it was natural!

Sophie: Haha. Well...I suppose you won't be needing this headband after all. Maybe I'll just keep it as a spare!

Shigure: All right. Thank you for hearing me out, Sophie.

Sophie: No problem!

A Support

Shigure: You really are a sight to see on the battlefield, Sophie. You and Avel seem to move as one.

Sophie: Heehee. Thank you! If only I could get him to act the same way off the battlefield...

Shigure: Haha. He's a cantankerous one, isn't he?

Sophie: He is. But I love him anyways. I was so happy when Daddy gave him to me. Like you, I didn't get to see my parents very much, growing up. So Avel felt like something that connected me to Daddy, even when he wasn't around. Sort of like how you said you wear your hair that way to honor your caretakers.

Shigure: I see. We're like two peas in a pod then, aren't we?

Sophie: Yeah, I guess we are!

Shigure: You know, Sophie, I feel as though we've grown quite close over time.

Sophie: I feel the same way, Shigure. It has been an honor fighting next to you.

Shigure: Likewise. And I want you to know I will always have your back. No matter what.

Sophie: I'd expect nothing less from you, friend. But...with hair like that, you might want to keep your good eye on your enemies.

Shigure: H-hey! I told you I can see just fine!

Sophie: I'm teasing, I'm teasing! Hey! Shigure? Shigure! Come baaack!

S Support

Shigure: Sophie, may I have a moment?

Sophie: Oh, Shigure! Of course.

Shigure: I have...realized something, and I wanted to tell you.

Sophie: Oh? What is it?

Shigure: Well...after we talked the other day, I began to think about...us.

Sophie: Huh? What do you mean?

Shigure: I mean that...as we were saying, we are comrades-in-arms. And we have grown close, talking and defending each other in the thick of battle. But I believe my feelings are more than those of a friend's for a friend.

Sophie: Sh-Shigure, I'm not sure— Are you—

Shigure: I love you, Sophie.

Sophie: You WHAT?!

Shigure: I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I just thought you should know. I've come to admire your fierceness in battle and your kindness in conversation. You have a tender soul and a loving heart. And every day my feelings grow stronger. Will you be with me, Sophie?

Sophie: Shigure...you didn't offend me, silly. I was just surprised is all. Of course I'll be with you! I love you as well! I have for a long time now, you fool. You are so strong, so hardworking, so kind and sensitive... I just thought for sure you'd hated me after I tried to give you that hairband...

Shigure: I-I'm so happy. Words can't express...

Sophie: Me too... I love you, Shigure.

Shigure: I love you too, Sophie!