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C Support

Selkie: Hmmm... I'm sure I saw Shigure come this way. Did he go deeper into the forest? He wasn't in the field back there, and he definitely didn't loop back to camp...

Shigure: *singing*

Selkie: Oh, I see him! He's over there! But...what is he doing all the way out here? Why is he just sitting on that tree stump? Hang on... Are those people gathered around him? No... Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Those aren't people at all! They're a bunch of forest animals! Rabbits, squirrels...even bears? What in all the gods... And they're all just sitting there like children in school, too.

Shigure: Well, I think that's about enough for one day. How did you all like it?

Selkie: Are you...talking to the animals?

Shigure: Ahhh! Who's there?! Oh no!

Selkie: Oh yikes! Now they've all run away... I'm sorry, Shigure. I must have scared them off.

Shigure: You just startled them is all, Selkie. You startled me, too! But you shouldn't worry about it. They're all very shy, so of course they'd run away. What are you doing all the way out here, anyway?

Selkie: I was looking for you, of course! You're my brother, after all. Since we grew up apart from each other, I wanted to hang out and learn about you. We can play, and talk, and do whatever else you want!

Shigure: Oh, really? I...don't know what to say. I'm not the most entertaining person... You might be better off making friends with people who are more outgoing.

Selkie: Hah, no way! None of those people would be my brother, after all. It's important to have a strong connection with your siblings!

Shigure: Don't feel like you're obligated to be my friend, just because we're siblings. I don't think I'm in the best mood to try right now, in any case. If you'll excuse me...

(Shigure leaves)

Selkie: Hang on a second, I think— Wow, he took off in a hurry. There's no need to be so harsh, Shigure!

B Support

Selkie: Hmmm... Where could Shigure have gone off to today... Oh, of course! I bet he's back in those same woods as last time. Maybe he's even in the middle of that clearing again, playing with the animals... Ah ha! I was right! Hey, Shigure! Shiiiiiigure!

Shigure: Selkie?! What are you doing here? Ah! Oh no! Wait!

Selkie: Oops... I guess I scared all the animals away again. I'm sorry, Shigure. I keep doing that...

Shigure: Oh, it's all right. They're just not used to others being around. It just spooks them when you come running over.

Selkie: Oh, is that all? I can be more careful... Anyway, it's really kind of amazing that you get along so well with those animals. Whenever I see an animal, I get excited and run to play with it, but it always runs away. I suppose not running at them may help...

Shigure: It may. Anyway, how come you were looking for me, Selkie?

Selkie: I wanted to spend time with you again, of course! You're my brother and all.

Shigure: Still? Hrm... I suppose it wouldn't be too bad. And I am happy that you want to hang out so bad. I suppose, as your brother, it would be bad for me to let you down.

Selkie: Really?! So, we can hang out here? You should call the animals back so we can all play together!

Shigure: The animals... Ah, I don't think they'll come back while you're here, actually.

Selkie: Awww, how come? You're great friends with them. Can't you ask them nicely? If you bring them back, then I can try and be friends with them too! Please, Shigure! Teach me how to be friends with the animals!

Shigure: Well, OK. I'm not sure this will help, but... Animals are very sensitive to the feelings of people around them. Most likely, they could sense how you were feeling, and something drove them off. Since they were fine until right before you arrived, it was definitely related to you.

Selkie: Booo... It's not like I was trying to catch them...

Shigure: Maybe it was what you were thinking. Were you sizing them up to figure out which would make a tasty dinner? Even just for a moment?

Selkie: No! I'd never think that! Did you tell the animals I think that?!

Shigure: Of course not. Sorry... That's just the biggest reason I can think of that they would run away. You seem really sincere about becoming friends with them, so... I'll try and think of what you could change to make them feel more safe. I'm here to help out my adorable sister!

A Support

Selkie: Oh, hi, Shigure...

Shigure: What's the matter, Selkie? You look pretty unhappy.

Selkie: Well... I wanted to ask you about the animals that you play with...

Shigure: Oh? Did you go to visit them while I was out and about? I'm just about to head out now, if you want to come along. Do you think you're ready to prove that you don't mean them any harm?

Selkie: About that... I've thought a lot about what you said the other day... And I realized that you were probably right. I mean, right about what they sensed.

Shigure: What do you mean? Were you feeling some strong emotion when you arrived?

Selkie: I was. I was feeling...jealousy. You'd told me that you didn't want to hang out with me, but you were happy with them. It didn't feel fair! So, when I got there and all the animals were gathered around... the only thing I could think of was how badly I wanted them all to leave. I think that's why they're scared of me.

Shigure: Selkie, I'm glad that you thought about this and talked to me.

Selkie: Really? That's good, at least. But I don't think I should go back there anymore.

Shigure: Don't say that! I think you should definitely go back. You've opened up, and the animals will be able to tell you've changed. Now that you don't feel jealous, they'll look at you differently.

Selkie: B-but... I'm not sure...

Shigure: I am. You didn't have to tell me you were feeling jealous, but you did anyway. That tells me that you've got a good soul inside of you. They'll be able to tell, too. Look! There's a rabbit coming this way!

Selkie: Oh! Oh! What do I do, Shigure?! What do I do?

Shigure: Just calm down... Relax—take a breath. Quiet your mind, and be peaceful... Just think about how you want to be friends with the furry critter.

Selkie: Ah! He let me pet him! It's working! Now he's just looking at me! He's not running away. This is great!

Shigure: I told you it would all be OK, Selkie.

Selkie: You were right. I'm so glad! I was sure that all the animals hated me...

Shigure: Now you'll be able to get along with all of them. And I think you and I will, as well. Let's go to the clearing in the woods— I bet your new friends will be waiting there.

Selkie: Yaaaay! Let's go, let's go! Eeeheehee, thank you, Shigure!