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C Support

Shigure: The maiden fair had golden hair! ♪ Unbraided, it spread everywhere!

(Shigure leaves)

Ophelia: What a lovely song. Is that Shigure who wields such an angelic voice? He seems to have quite the audience. Birds! Gathered to hear him!

Shigure: Ah, Ophelia!

Ophelia: Please, continue. I didn't mean to interrupt a song of such incredible power!

Shigure: Power? Oh, no. It's just a little ballad. I'm not like my mother.

Ophelia: But your voice has drawn in all these birds—hundreds of them. Clearly some untold power within your heart is trickling out as you sing.

Shigure: Surely not. They must have been here when I arrived.

Ophelia: Perhaps. But then again, I read in a magic tome just yesterday... There is power in song itself, at least for those you sing brilliantly. Those who master singing can summon a bird of legend. It is the bird of birds, a master of masters! Its song enchants all who hear it.

Shigure: How incredible!

Ophelia: I know many incredible things. Now, may I ask a favor of you?

Shigure: Oh-oh. Really, Ophelia, I just wanted to sing a bit to clear my head.

Ophelia: You must summon this creature of legend! The bird of birds! Master of masters! I think your singing is winning enough to lure this mystic fowl.

Shigure: Impossible, Ophelia.

Ophelia: What?! You must!

Shigure: I don't mean to be rude. I just don't think I can summon that bird.

Ophelia: Don't underestimate yourself. Did you not summon all these sacred birds?

Shigure: They're not sacred. They're just... average, everyday, ordinary birds.

Ophelia: I will prove that your voice has the power to summon the powerful. You sang me to your side, after all.

Shigure: Well, if you insist... I'll do my best to call upon this legendary bird.

Ophelia: No way. Seriously?!

Shigure: Yes. There's a forest nearby. Let's plan a trip there.

Ophelia: I can't wait, Shigure. We'll surely lure that magic fowl into the open.

B Support

Shigure: All right, Ophelia. Here's a wood where I know are a lot of birds.

Ophelia: Ah! A place of power! I can feel it in my entire being! We'll be certain to find that legendary bird here. Now, just sing it out of hiding.

Shigure: You're sure about this?

Ophelia: Sure as I can be. In truth, this bird is shrouded in mystery. Little is known. Little more than its song enchants all who hear it.

Shigure: What? And we came all that way out here based on only that? Might as well try this out... *ahem* Gather round to hear a merry tale! ♪ Of a boy who stepped on a rusty nail!

Ophelia: It's working, Shigure. Look at all the birds—they're flocking near! Pigeons, though. And crows. Maybe a sparrow or two. No legendary bird... Keep singing. It's sure to work.

Shigure: The nail went through the boy's shoe! ♪ Up he leapt, and up he flew!

Ophelia: What a nice song, Shigure, and sung in such a pretty way. Our bird is sure to be lured by such a heartfelt ode to a misplaced foot. Perhaps if I help...? Legendary bird! Fantastic fowl! Hear our call! Buh-caw buh-caw!

Shigure: Ophelia... You're scaring the birds away.

Ophelia: Oh, I'm sorry. I was only trying to help.

Shigure: I know, but if this is going to work, you need to be patient. Birds come and go in their own time.

Ophelia: You're right. I am at fault. I'm afraid I've thrown off the energy of this place.

Shigure: Let's come back another time, when all these ruffled feathers are...uh...not.

Ophelia: I'll lend my spells to the effort next time. Yes! I can amplify your voice with gemstones of power!

Shigure: Th-that seems like a bad idea.

Ophelia: Here's what you do: get your mother's pendant and bring it next time. With an artifact like that, your voice could call a shooting star!

Shigure: Please, no. I'll summon the bird of legend with only my own voice.

Ophelia: That's the spirit, Shigure. Truly, you are a birdmaster of eternity. I look forward to seeing you warble your way to success.

Shigure: Ah, yes? Yes. I will.

A Support

Ophelia: No matter what you sing, we can't get that legendary bird to show up...

Shigure: I've sung almost every song I know.

Ophelia: Maybe that bird is too picky.

Shigure: Or might not visit these woods.

Ophelia: After all your singing too...

Shigure: Perhaps this bird has flown off into legend—never to return.

Ophelia: It happens.

Shigure: Don't get upset, Ophelia. I know you wanted to hear that bird sing. I know that I pale in comparison, but I'll be glad to sing for you.

Ophelia: You've been singing this whole time. Thank you, but it won't cheer me up.

Shigure: This song will be different. Haven't you noticed how the birds sing with me? Once they know my melody, they all start chirping along. It's adorable.

Ophelia: They do? How could I have missed that?!

Shigure: My feathered friends and I will be glad to lighten your mood... *ahem* Shall we sing of a summer's day? ♪ When cows are a-milk and eating hay? Or shall we sing of a winter's night? ♪ When flakes are a-snow and lacy white?

Ophelia: What sort of song is that, Shigure? It sounds like a campfire round. The birds are singing! And I too... I wish to join you! Your melody stirs the dusk of my soul, around and around and— Wait! Could it be?!

Shigure: What is it, Ophelia?

Ophelia: I'm enchanted to the core. I think I just heard the legendary bird.

Shigure: What? Where?!

Ophelia: As written in my magic tome, the bird enchants all who hear it. Also—I just remembered—that innumerable voices will join the song. You're the bird, Shigure. YOU'RE THE BIRD!

Shigure: I am? Then, er, are we calling this all a success?

Ophelia: Yes. Now, one more request. I hope it's not too much trouble. Will you and all your feathered followers sing for me whenever my soul is troubled? Or any other time really.

Shigure: It will be our pleasure, Ophelia.

S Support

Ophelia: You're amazing, Shigure.

Shigure: Oh! Am I? What did I do now?

Ophelia: Every time you sing with the birds in the woods—it's miraculous. The birds follow you in song. It's like you control their every note. And the songs you sing—Shigure, you stir the dusk in my soul to overflowing.

Shigure: That's good, right?

Ophelia: Good? It's extraordinary. All my dusk bursts out of me like sparkly bubbles. It puts me in a state of extreme power. It makes me infinitely more Ophelia.

Shigure: Glad to help. Still, you are much more amazing than I am. I just sing. But you have all that dusk inside.

Ophelia: Oh? Y-you've noticed? Well, as the chosen one, I am fated to have these surges of incredibleness. What's more, I love it when I find sparkly things in the eternal night.

Shigure: Ha! No one could sparkle more than you, Ophelia. I'm drawn to it like a moth to a chandelier.

Ophelia: Me? A chandelier? Are you just buttering me up?

Shigure: Not at all. I love being at your side. You love hearing me sing. It was very sweet of you to say that my voice made me the bird of legend. I'd be delighted to whisper tweet nothings in your ear forever.

Ophelia: Puns too? I do love sparkling wit.

Shigure: May I remain at your side? I've grown very fond of you, Ophelia.

Ophelia: Fate would have it no other way.

Shigure: Is that a yes?

Ophelia: A song cannot exist without two. A mouth! An ear! Fate has paired OUR mouth and ear. You and I are along for the ride!

Shigure: So...is that a yes?

Ophelia: Plainspoken. I admire that. Then let my words be a contract writ in the stars! Yes, I say.

Shigure: Whew! Thank you, Ophelia!