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C Support

Mitama: Now where did Shigure run off to? It would be odd for him to be out in the hills and fields... But I couldn't find him anywhere at camp either, so...

Shigure: *singing*

Mitama: Wait...that's Shigure! So he was out here after all! Why is he just sitting quietly on that that tree stump? And who are those people surrounding— WHAAAT?! They aren't people! Those are...forest animals!! Squirrels, rabbits...even bears? My goodness... How can the animals all sit there so obediently?

Shigure: I think that's enough for one day. How did you all enjoy it?

Mitama: Are you...talking to them?

Shigure: Ah! Who's there?! Wait! No! Don't go!

Mitama: Oh dear. The animals ran away... That was entirely my fault. I'm sorry, Shigure.

Shigure: You just startled them, Mitama. Frankly, you startled me too! But, please, don't worry about it. They can't help being shy. So tell me, what are you doing all the way out here?

Mitama: I was searching for you, of course. Though we're siblings, growing up apart prevented us from truly forging a bond. So I thought perhaps we could spend some time together. You are my elder brother, after all.

Shigure: O-oh, I don't know what to say. I'm really not the most interesting person around... You might be better off trying to make friends with people who are more outgoing.

Mitama: Th-that isn't true at all! I just want to get to know you!

Shigure: Please, don't feel obligated to try and be friends just because we're related. To be honest, I'm not in the most social mood right now. If you'll excuse me...

(Shigure leaves)

Mitama: H-hey, wait just a minute! He's gone... When we meet at last / I receive a cold shoulder / from the one I seek... This is going to take some real effort...

B Support

Mitama: *sigh* Now where has Shigure disappeared to? He's probably back in that clearing with all of those animals... Heehee, looks like I was right. Good afternoon, Shigure!

Shigure: Mitama?! What are you doing here?! Ah! No! Wait!

Mitama: Looks like I've frightened them off again. They sure can sprint. Sorry about that, Shigure. I didn't mean to get in the way.

Shigure: Oh, don't worry about it. They aren't used to other people being around here. It's easy to startle them.

Mitama: I-is that right? Well aren't you something. I've never seen anyone tame wild animals like you have. It's quite a talent.

Shigure: Why were you looking for me again? Did you need something?

Mitama: Yes, I do. We are siblings, and I think it's important for us to be much closer. The blood that binds us / it is the one and only / treasure that we share...

Shigure: That's true... Listen, I'm sorry for being cold the other day. The truth is, it makes me happy that you care about our relationship so much. I'm your brother, and I don't want to let you down.

Mitama: Really? So I can stay here with you? Won't you call back those animals? I would love to play with them.

Shigure: Honestly, I don't think they would be comfortable around you.

Mitama: Oh really? Th-they won't? And yet they're so fond of you... With a bit of ingenuity and hard work, perhaps I can befriend them as well. Please, tell me your secret?

Shigure: Hmm... I'm not sure if this will help, but... Animals are highly attuned to the feelings of people around them. Most likely, they detected something in you that drove them off.

Mitama: Like what? It's not as though I have any animosity toward them.

Shigure: They can sense what you were thinking. Were you sizing them up to figure out which one might make a tasty dinner? Even just for a moment?

Mitama: *sigh* My elder brother / says the rudest things to me / I am quite annoyed

Shigure: I'm s-sorry... That's a primary reason why they might run away from you. I appreciate how sincere you are about befriending them. I'll try to think of what can be done to make them feel safe around you. There's got to be a way to help out my adorable sister.

Mitama: Really? I certainly hope so.

A Support

Mitama: Hello, Shigure...

Shigure: What's wrong, Mitama? You look upset.

Mitama: Well. It's the animals...

Shigure: Oh? Did you want to go pay them a visit? I was just about to head in that direction if you want to come along. Are you ready to prove that you don't mean them any harm?

Mitama: About that... I've been thinking. I realized that I may have been feeling some anger when I met them.

Shigure: What do you mean?

Mitama: When I saw how well you got along with those animals, I was overcome with envy. In the moment, I wished that they would all just disappear. I'm sure that's why they thought I was hostile toward them. They did nothing wrong, and yet I I treated them so poorly.

Shigure: Mitama, I'm glad you thought about this and talked to me.

Mitama: I don't think I should go back out to the clearing again. The last thing I want to do is disturb the animals any further.

Shigure: Don't say that. I think you should definitely go back. You've opened up, and the animals will be able to tell that you've changed. I think they'll be more welcoming.

Mitama: I don't know...

Shigure: Well I do. You didn't have to tell me you were feeling jealous, but you did anyway. That tells me that you've got a good soul. They'll be able to tell, too. Look! There's a rabbit coming this way!

Mitama: Ah! Wait, what should I do?!

Shigure: Just calm down... Relax, and take a breath. Quiet your mind, and be peaceful... Think about how you want to be friends with the furry critter.

Mitama: O-OK, I'll try... Oh goodness, it's working! He's letting me pet him! He sure likes it when I scratch him under the chin.

Shigure: See? I told you everything would be fine.

Mitama: Yes! You were absolutely right.

Shigure: Now all of us can get along, including you and I. Why don't we wander down to the clearing. All your new friends will be waiting for you!

Mitama: All right! Thank you for being such a great brother, Shigure.