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C Support

Shigure: Hi, Midori!

Midori: Hiya, Shigure! Check out my herb garden! Isn't it swank?

Shigure: You're growing all these yourself? I've never seen so many kinds before. Hm. I don't recognize this one. What is it for?

Midori: Oh, that one's just a flower! Teehee. It doesn't do anything special. I'm just growing it with my herbs because it's my favorite! I've got a whole bunch growing right over there, too!

Shigure: Oh! It looks like they're about to blossom already!

Midori: Mhm! I'm so excited! I've been taking extra-good care of them. These babies are my pride and joy!

Shigure: I can see! They're going to be beautiful, I'm sure of it.

Midori: Huh? How can you tell?

Shigure: Just a feeling, I guess. Think I could help you water them?

Midori: Huh? Sure, but why?

Shigure: I just love plants as well. I find gardening very calming.

Midori: OK! We've got lots more to water though. Sure you're ready for that?

Shigure: Hm? Are there more than just the ones in this patch?

Midori: Yep! There's some there...and there... and over there...and there!

Shigure: O-oh. And you've been growing all of these on your own? That's a lot of work... Haha. Maybe I should help you more often.

Midori: Sure, if you want! Thanks so much, Shigure!

B Support

Midori: Oh, Shigure! Good to see you! Did ya come to lend a hand with my herb garden?

Shigure: Yes, ma'am!

Midori: Woohoo! This is gonna be fun! Oh, that's right! There's something I wanted to show you today. Ummm...let's see...here it is!

Shigure: Oh, you mean that little white flower bud?

Midori: Yup! I showed it to you before, right? The one growing with all my herbs? I'm taking better care of it than anything else in the whole garden. I think it might bloom really soon. I'm so excited!

Shigure: Haha. And that's all you wanted to tell me?

Midori: Yep! You are my gardening partner, after all! When this flower blooms, you'll be the first one I show it to.

Shigure: I'm looking forward to it. In that case, I'd better give this flower extra water so that it blooms quickly.

Midori: Good idea! All right, I'm gonna do my best today, too! Oh? Looks like this little buddy's all grown up! Guess he's ready to become medicine!

Shigure: You look so excited to make that medicine, Midori.

Midori: Course I am! I love it! It's why I started this whole garden in the first place.

Shigure: Then how about I water the rest of the plants? That way you can go ahead and get started on that medicine.

Midori: Huh? A-are you sure? It's a lot of work for one person.

Shigure: Of course. I know exactly how you must be feeling. Whenever I get new paints or brushes, I cannot wait to try them out.

Midori: OK! Thanks, Shigure!

Shigure: You're very welcome. I hope your medicine turns out well.

Midori: Me too!

A Support

Shigure: Hey there, Midori. Need a hand with the garden?

Midori: Oh, thanks, Shigure, but I'm just finishing up here.

Shigure: Oh. I'm sorry I didn't get here in time.

Midori: It's OK! I'm glad you're here anyways. Remember that flower I told you about? It just bloomed, and I wanted to show it to you! See, look! Isn't it pretty?

Shigure: You're right. It's lovely... I've never seen one like it before. Is it rare?

Midori: I think so! I only learned about it from my father.

Shigure: From Kaze?

Midori: Yup! He said it's a symbol of happiness. So I thought if this one took, I'd grow a bunch more so everyone could have one!

Shigure: I see. So that's why you were so careful with it.

Midori: Yup! I hope everyone likes them!

Shigure: Of course they will. In times like these, we could all use a little more happiness.

Midori: Maybe if I grow enough of them, I can end the war! I mean, that's what would make everyone happy, right? Ending the war?

Shigure: I would imagine so. But it may take a lot of flowers. Are you sure you're up to it?

Midori: Heh. If I'm not, my name ain't Peace- Flower-Growing-Wunderkind Magee!

Shigure: Haha. Well, at least allow me to continue to help you. I think it's an admirable goal.

Midori: Thanks, Shigure!

S Support

Shigure: Guess what, Midori! I got something for you.

Midori: Ooh! Really? What is it?

Shigure: Ta-da!

Midori: Wait. Are those...?! THEY ARE! It's a whole bouquet of those happiness flowers I was growing! Where did you find them?

Shigure: They were growing up near the peak of a mountain not too far from here. I only managed to find them because I happened to be flying past. The second I saw them, I knew I had to put together a bouquet for you!

Midori: Thank you so much!

Shigure: If you'd like, I can also take you to where I found them so you can collect more seeds.

Midori: Wow! You will? Promise?

Shigure: Yes, of course. But...you must promise me something.

Midori: Huh? What is it? Why do you look so serious?

Shigure: I need you to promise me that you will never allow yourself to be put in danger.

Midori: What do you mean?

Shigure: I mean that...I know that you want to fight. And I can't blame you. You're as much a part of this army as I. You have a right to be here. But it would kill me if you were hurt. Or if you...if you were taken from us. You are my closest friend. And I don't want to see you destroyed by this war. So, please...promise me. Promise me you will always be as safe as you can.

Midori: Shigure...I don't know. It wouldn't be right for me to privilege my life over the others'. We're all in this together. I can't refuse to lay down my life if the others will.

Shigure: Midori...

Midori: But...maybe there's another way to make sure I don't get hurt.

Shigure: Hm? What other way?

Midori: Well, maybe you'd feel better if I were to have a protector of some sort. Like, say, a friend who could look after me on the battlefield. Someone I really trust...

Shigure: Haha. I see. Very well, then. I vow to protect you, Midori, until this war is over, and ever after that. Never shall you stray into danger while I am near.

Midori: Perfect! Although I think I'll be looking after you more than vice versa. Heehee. Don't worry, though. I got your back, kid.

Shigure: I am honored to have a protector so capable.

Midori: You bet your sweet little pegasus you are!